Feminine, Flirtatious, and Playful Boudoir Shoot in Vienna Compliments Bride’s Strength With a Soft Pink Palette

Set in the elegant Hotel Altstadt in Vienna, this bridal boudoir session was feminine and very intimate. The bride’s strength and personality was beautifully complimented with delicate lace lingerie in soft pink, white, and burgundy. This shoot captures a modern woman in love with grace and elegance.

From Markus, the photographer: 

“We did a very sensual boudoir shooting in Vienna. It was just Ania and no distractions. For our location, Ania chose the unique Hotel Altstadt in Vienna which perfectly suits her personality and her style. The soft analog touch of the photos, all taken with a Contax 645, reflects Ania’s delicacy in a balanced way.”

Bride/Groom: Ania | Photographer and Stylist/Planner: A Twist of Lemon | Dresses: Vintage | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Venue: Hotel Altstadt Wien | Lab: Carmencita Film Lab