10 Romantic Wedding Photo Display Ideas

Sure! Jet-setting off to a Caribbean island for your honeymoon could be the best after your wedding moment. But getting your wedding photos is a pretty close runner up. Wedding photography is about telling your love story and is the ultimate way to relive your wedding day. So figuring out how you are going to display your wedding photos in your home is essential. Here are our favorite wedding photo display ideas. 

Canvas Wall Display

A beautiful way to display your absolute favorite wedding photos is to have them printed on a canvas. The CanvasPop company lovingly crafts gorgeous canvas wedding photos that will look amazing in any room of your house. And so easy you can create it from the comfort of your home.

Simply upload your image, select your size, and choose an edge or wrap the photo around the edge. And just like that, your favorite wedding photo will almost look like original paintings. An incredibly romantic way to display your wedding photos. We love the idea of creating a few canvas photos in different sizes and then creating a gallery on your wall. 


Creating a collage with a variety of wedding photos is another romantic way to display your images. There are tons of online resources for putting together your wedding photo collage. These ready-made templates are easy to use and create a romantic display.

Photo Credit: Photo-Collage.net

Gallery Wall

Framing images is the best way to preserve their quality. Sure! You can frame a single wedding image and hang it on the wall, but create a gallery for a more romantic display. And you can have a grid of matching frames, generally 6 or 9, or mix it up with a collection of mismatched frames.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Make a Calendar

Another great idea is to showcase some of your most loving memories of your wedding all year long. Every month you will be able to gaze at the beautiful memories lovingly. There are tons of ways to display your wedding calendar, but we love this wood clipboard. It would look amazing in your home or office. The perfect distraction!

Photo Credit: Artifact Uprising

Album or Photobook

Of course, you can go the traditional route and have a full wedding album or photo book created. This is a classic way to display your wedding photos and the best way to keep them all together.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart via Pinterest

Old Window Frame

If your home decor is a little on the rustic side, an old window frame would be a perfectly romantic way to display your wedding photo. Have a large portrait or create a collage; either way, it would be a fantastic addition to your home design.

Photo Credit: K Chatts Craftings

Digital Frames

For tech lovers, a digital frame may be the best way to showcase your wedding photography. Buy a few to have around the house and at the office!

Photo Credit: Aura Frames

Heart Snapshot Mix

What a romantic idea! Create this unique keepsake with Minted’s Foil-Pressed Heart Snapshot Mix™ Photo Art Print. Personalize it with 30 of your wedding photos and unforgettable memories. Each piece will be hand-pressed individually with real foil. This will be a beautiful and, yes, romantic display in your home.

Photo Credit: Minted.com

Fairy Light Photo Display

Fairy light photo displays are popular and are a fun and more casual way to display your favorite wedding photos. This idea works perfectly in your bedroom or a home office. The fairy lights add a touch of whimsy and romance, and the result will be an impressive and romantic display. It is also a fantastic way to display wedding photos that you may want to switch out now and then.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Create an Art Display

We love this idea, but it’s probably best suited for those crafty people. Create your unique art display by taking an embroidery hoop wreath and turn it into a photo gallery. You can string pretty ribbons across the hoop and then attach the photos. It is a great way to display multiple images at one time and even allow you to change them out quickly. Add some decorative details that tie in with your home decor and personal style. The result will be a romantic wedding photo display.

Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

No matter what type of home decor you have, there are many romantic ideas for displaying your favorite wedding photos. In modern times, most of our photos live in digital space, on our phones or computers. Your wedding photos should have a more front and center place in your home. With a little bit of creativity & personal touch, you can display your wedding memories in your home in more unique ways than the classic frame. Showcase your stunning wedding photography for you and guests to enjoy for years to come.

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