10 Photo Ideas Perfect for Spring

Bride and groom in a rowboat
Courtesy: nataliabliuk

Spring is arguably the best season to take amazing engagement and wedding photos. The flowers are in full bloom, the weather is relatively nice, and it’s just a great time of year to say, “I do!” If the weather isn’t cooperating, having a pretty backdrop on hand, like these amazing ones from Kate Backdrop, helps set the mood. It’s also a great option for a DIY photo booth at your wedding reception.

In the spirit of spring’s arrival, here are some picture-perfect ways to capture the essence of the season in your photos.

Find a Field

Bride and groom dancing in the middle of a field

Courtesy: Adobe Stock / Mihai Blanaru

If you’re shooting outdoors, we love the open field backdrop. It’s very earthy and natural and gives you plenty of space for creating a variety of poses: from intimate close-ups to those twirl-worthy shots.

Explore the Botanical Gardens

Bride and groom in botanical garden

Courtesy: Adobe Stock / Serhii

Since so many flowers bloom in spring, the botanical gardens are the perfect place to take engagement photos or to host your wedding! It’s also a beautiful way to bring color into your photos—whether it’s featuring the seasonal blooms or the stunning trees and greenery. Have your photographer play with depth of field to really allow you and your partner to shine.

Kate Backdrop's Outdoor Barn background

Courtesy: Kate Backdrop

If you’re looking to give your allergies a rest, one thing to consider is using a few fun backgrounds to add some situational variety to your photos. Kate Backdrops has tons of spring backdrops, and is a good place to find inspiration for your photos! They come in different sizes and you can also order custom sizes as well. Super handy, right? They also have a photography blog that shares tips on how to use their products, such as this guide on hanging backdrops for photos.

Start Pedaling

Bride and groom with bicycles

Courtesy: deeandkrisphotography.com

We love a good prop, and there are so many awesome options for spring: umbrellas, balloons, and bicycles. Adding a pair of bikes is a great way to incorporate one of your favorite activities as a couple. 

If you’re using the bikes on your wedding day, pedal into your outdoor reception on a tandem bike! Such a cute idea.

Pack a Picnic

Boho chic couple in a wedding picnic photo

Courtesy: Adobe Stock / EdNurg

Another prop option is to go all out with a full-on picnic spread. Intimate picnic weddings are super trendy right now, and it’s a fun setup for an engagement shoot as well. You’ll need to factor in some extra time to set up and tear down this extensive display, but it will be so worth it. Pack a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

Hit the Water

A couple in a row boat

Courtesy: Adobe Stock / frolova_elena

These photos are giving us serious The Notebook vibes. We love the idea of incorporating a boat into your photos, especially when warmer spring weather arrives. A rowboat is ultra-romantic and adds a sense of secluded intimacy. For the couple that has a need for speed, leaving your reception on a speedboat is another super cool idea.

Go For a Nature Walk

Bride and groom are walking in the woods on their wedding day

Courtesy: Adobe Stock / lunarts_studio

Calling all hiking enthusiasts: take a stroll through a wooded forest or park. We’re digging the natural backdrop of the trees surrounding each couple. The best time to photograph a forest is early morning, but a touch of fog or mist helps as well. 

If the trails are wet or muddy, a studio backdrop, like these forest backdrops, are a great backup option.

Embrace Your Sweet Tooth

Bride and groom eating ice cream

Courtesy: hreniuca

Here’s a sweet treat—add ice cream into your engagement or wedding photos. It’s a great way to show off your fun, more playful side. P.S., our favorite ice cream flavor for weddings: lavender! It screams spring and is super tasty.

Just Hang Around

A couple sitting on a large tree branch
Courtesy: Adobe Stock / jul14ka

You remember the song from grade school about a boy and a girl sitting in a tree? (Hint: they were K-I-S-S-I-N-G) Taking your engagement or wedding photos on a tree branch is a neat way to use natural elements around you. Plus, the longer the branches mean it’s an older tree, so you could be sitting on a piece of history!

Drink in the Winery Scenery

Bride and groom kissing at a winery
Courtesy: Adobe Stock / hreniuca

Okay, we think this next option is a grape idea. Take a stroll around a winery for your spring engagement photos. Drink in the vibrant scenery (and schedule a tasting while you’re at it). For wine enthusiasts, say your “I do’s” in a vineyard!

Stroll Over a Bridge

Groom and bride on the wooden bridge through the river.

Courtesy: Adobe Stock / Mironifamily

Now this is a walk to remember. If you’re taking engagement photos in a park or near a pier, find a beautiful bridge to walk across. For pictures, you can switch up the poses by sitting, standing, strolling, or leaning on the bridge. 

Some couples take this idea even further and go to a well-known bridge in their area, like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the Brooklyn Bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn.