Touches of Blue and Gold Colored This Romantic Sunset Elopement on Mosteiros Beach in Sao Miguel

From Daria, the photographer:

“The Azores are some of the Atlantic’s best-kept secrets. An archipelago in the ocean, it holds claim to some of the most gorgeous island views acclaim to such destinations as Hawaii and the Fiji Islands. This location is still almost unknown and ideal for a unique elopement.

I was invited by an amazing couple – Alina and Francisco, from Paris to this far-way part of Portugal to capture their day. Alina from Germany met Francisco from Portugal and since then it has been 6 different countries and 3 different jobs and places where they lived and worked together the last year. Giving surf lessons everywhere around the world, the couple fell in love in Açores islands and wanted to have memories from these beautiful islands. That’s why we decided to focus on their emotions and the beautiful nature of the islands.

We’ve chosen together the Mosteiros beach in the northwestern part of the island, which is known for the best sunsets in Sao Miguel. The weather is usually very unpredictable and was cloudy almost every day, so we didn’t expect anything better than just a great sky. But when we arrived to the beach, nature surprised us and gifted the most beautiful sunset for Alina and Francisco.”

From Francisco, the groom:

“It was one of those really hot winter days in Fuerteventura. The sun was high and I just came from the beach after a surf lesson. I don’t know if it was from the heat or from being tired but I had this very lucid mirage as I looked on the other side of the road and saw the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she was smiling. Her smile was contagious and I knew that I had to meet her very soon. The truth is she was working pretty much in front of the apartment where I was living, making her my neighbor, and I had a good feeling about it. I could see her every day just across the street. I had been building up the courage to go talk to her, and one day when I saw her arriving from the beach, shining and full of joy, it was the perfect moment. I went to her and introduced myself and so it started. Our paths began to intersect and slowly we became closer and closer. We quickly developed greater empathy, which led us to the inevitable, and we started dating. From this point on we shared many adventures that brought us closer together both as friends and partners. The adventure still goes on today and it will remain unwritten for the upcoming future.”

Bride and Groom: Alina and Francisco | Photographer: Daria Lorman Photography | Dress/Outfit Designer: Mae Collection | Venue: Mosteiros Beach, Sao Miguel, Açores Islands | Accessories: DellaBellaGioielli | Calligraphy: Laladyamy |