17 Props to Include In Your Photo Booth

Looking to add something awesome to your wedding reception? In addition to your actual wedding photography, a photo booth is the perfect way to entertain your guests throughout the night. You can either rent a booth or create your own.

If you go the DIY wedding route for your photo booth, all you need is a backdrop, lights, a camera (or cell phone), and some killer props. Here’s the good news: the prop possibilities are endless! Check out some of our favorites.

Guests posing with photo booth signs
Image Source: Amazon.com

#1: Cheeky Signs

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a sign helps get the message across. Many online retailers sell plastic signs with cute, cheeky sayings on them, so buy a variety pack and have guests show them off. Some of our faves include Just Married, Here for the Booze/Cake, Team Bride, Team Groom, Dancing Queen, and more.

#2: Chalkboards

For a more custom angle, provide some chalk and a blank chalkboard sign. Guests can scribble their own message for the bride and groom. Be sure to include some erasers as well so multiple guests can use it.

#3: Frames

This next option is super fun—squeeze your guests into a large picture frame! The frame can be cardboard or wooden and are super easy to pose with. For the DIY lovers, build a custom Instagram selfie frame that includes your wedding hashtag at the bottom.

Wedding guests posing with silly hats
Image Source: idaliaphotography.com

#4: Hats/Crowns/Tiaras

Everybody loves a fun hat, and it’s one of the top picks for a photo booth prop. You can stick to a certain theme or choose from an array of options: fedora, sombrero, cowboy, pirate, viking, tiara, crown, etc.

#5: Wigs

Take your headwear to the next level with a wig! Choose one of every color or find a wig full of glitter or rainbow colors.

#6: Feather Boas

Accessories are everything, darling. A feathered boa is a fun and colorful choice for the ladies, and you don’t have to worry about ruining your ‘do for the rest of the night.

#7: Giant Bow Ties

Don’t forget the men! Straight from the comedy rule book, anything oversized is a crowd pleaser. Giant clown-like bow ties are always a hit and make awesome photo booth props.

Wedding guests posing with photo booth face props
Image Source: brides.com

#8: Face Accessories

Need something budget friendly? Go with these fun face accessories. You can buy a large variety pack of fake glasses, bowties, mustaches, lips and more—or DIY them using cardboard or foam and popsicle sticks. You can just toss them out when the night is over!

#9: Masks

Since we’re talking about faces, consider a mask as a photo booth prop (and we’re not talking about a COVID mask). Think masquerade ball, or even a funny Halloween costume mask. Bonus points if you can find one of those giant animal heads.

edding guests posing with sunglasses
Image Source: ubersnap.com

#10: Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are also a HUGE hit! Get creative with the frames and go for something bold and colorful.

#11: Swords/Lightsabers

Channel your inner child with a sword or lightsaber. Your guests will love staging a fake fight scene and the photos will be hilarious.

#12: Inflatables

For a beach party vibe, blow up some fun inflatables like a giant unicorn, fake hammers, or guitars. These props are super fun and playful and will definitely be a hit with the kiddos.

Wedding guests posing with confetti
Image Source: marthastewart.com

#13: Confetti

What better way to celebrate the newlyweds than with a handful of confetti! For this magical prop, set out confetti poppers or bowls of confetti next to your photo booth. Just be sure to check with your venue before using confetti—guests will clearly make a mess.

#14: Pom Poms

Want the sparkle without the clean-up? Go for pom poms! You can find metallic-colored poms at your local party store or choose something that matches your wedding colors.

#15: Musical Instruments

Time to make some noise! Set out a few toy instruments for your guests to play with in the photo booth. It’s a great prop option for the music-loving bride and groom.

Wedding guests posing with giant fake florals
Image Source: marthastewart.com

#16: Fake Florals

For a feminine touch, these fake florals are beautiful. Guests will love posing with giant peonies or a flower crown.

#17: Bubbles

Finally, bubbles! If you time it just right, bubbles show up beautifully in photography, so supply a few bubble wands for your guests to enjoy.

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