Choosing A Wedding Dress Silhouette

A wedding is one of the most important days in anyone’s life. And in such a special occasion, one particular factor (also the most important factor to every bride) is the wedding dress. Every bride should be the center of attention on this big day with the wedding dress of their dreams. But it is really not an easy task to choose a perfect bridal gown. And the most important factor in my opinion is to choose the perfect wedding dress silhouette which can help flatter your figure. Here are some tips for different silhouettes to choose according to different body shapes. In a nutshell, to choose a perfect wedding dress is not only to care for its design itself but more important is to select the most suitable silhouette according to your figure. Always remember that you need a perfect wedding gown to flatter your body in your big day since it is all about you. What you need to know about each silhouette to help make a decision.

Choosing Your Wedding Dress Length

Most of us think of floor-length gowns when we imagine a wedding dress. In reality, there are far more length options available to modern brides. Here’s everything you need to know when choosing the ideal length of your wedding gown. When you are thinking about your wedding dress length, you need to consider more than just what looks good. Here are something to consider when choosing your dress length:

  • Venue. Certain dress lengths lend themselves better to certain venues. For example, a knee-length gown might be an excellent option for a casual backyard or campground wedding. You should also consider that some religious settings like temples, churches, and other places of worship may have rules regarding what brides can and can’t wear. Be sure to do some research on your venue and it’s dress code before buying your dress.

  • Theme. Choosing a gown that matches your wedding’s theme will make the whole event seem more cohesive and polished. A floor-length gown adds some magic to a fantasy-themed wedding. On the other hand, a tea-length dress is an excellent choice for a 1950s theme or a garden party theme.

  • Season. It’s easy for brides to get wrapped up in style and fail to consider comfort. The last thing you want is to be sweltering hot or freezing cold during your big day. Remember to consider the weather you may experience during your wedding day, especially if you want to have photos taken outside. The shorter your hemline, the less likely your dress is to keep you warm.

  • Body Type. Nearly everyone looks good in a floor-length or knee-length dress. However, some lengths can look unflattering on certain body types. For instance, an ankle-length gown may help a shorter bride look taller, but a tea-length gown could make their legs look stubby. On the other hand, an ankle-length gown will most likely make a tall bride look somewhat awkward and gangly – as if her gown doesn’t quite fit.

When considering dress lengths, you may also want to think about trains. Do you want your gown to have a train? If so, how long do you want it to be? The terminology and measurements vary somewhat from designer to designer. But generally speaking, there are 4 different train lengths: Sweep trains (around 10 inches), Chapel trains (18-24 inches), Cathedral trains (up to 7 feet) and Monarch trains (up to 12 feet).

Choosing A Wedding Dress Neckline

Every part of your wedding dress is important, but you could argue that the neckline is the most important part because it’s supposed to frame your beautiful smiling face.  But there are so many neckline options, and it’s hard to know which styles suit which settings. We've broken down all the most popular wedding dress necklines into three categories to help you determine what type of neckline will suit your venue, theme, and overall style the best. The most important rule of choosing a neckline is that there are no rules. As long as you feel gorgeous and confident as you walk down the aisle, you've made the right decision.


The Romantic wedding dress personality is soft and delicate. Lace, ruffles, cascading tiers, and gorgeous tulle are hallmarks of this gorgeous gown personality. You are a very feminine woman. You enjoy the dainty and beautiful moments in life, and are totally in love with, well, love!


The Traditionalist wedding dress personality is very feminine and elegant, featuring refined tailoring and simple ruffles, subtle bows and even pockets rather than extreme embellishment. The woman drawn to this style is undeniably lady-like, has fresh, effortless personal style.

Glamour Girl

The Glamour Girl wedding dress personality is not one to fall in line and is not content to follow regular bridal fashion. The woman drawn to this personality marches to the beat of her own style and is not a follower, but instead one who prefers to stand out in a crowd.


Minimalist wedding dress personalities feature minimal embellishment with a sleek and chic cut and deceptively simple architectural detailing. Luxe fabrics and textures are more important than with other dress styles. If you are drawn to this your personal style mantra is probably less is more! You think outside the box and are seeking something out of the ordinary but still classic and stylish.

The Siren

This wedding dress personality commands attention! The Siren shows off her best assets with sexy shapes featuring daring divalicious details like low backs, corsets or décolletage baring bodices. If you are drawn to The Siren, you are in touch with your body and love to work with it to reveal your best assets and turn up the heat on your wedding day (and every day)!