10 Classic Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Have

Your wedding photography will be the most cherished parts of your wedding, other than the memories. So choosing a great selection of wedding day photos for your album is super important. To help you get a jump start on narrowing down thousands of wedding day images, we put together this unbelievable list of 10 classic wedding photos every couple should have. From traditional to fun and everything in between, we know you’re going to love these creative photos.

How To Capture Amazing Wedding Photos

The first part of capturing amazing wedding photos is to choose the right photographer. During your wedding planning, you should interview several wedding photographers to ultimately find one that matches your personalities. Some things that are important when searching for a wedding photographer are below.

  1. View their photo gallery to make sure you like their style.
  2. Read their reviews.
  3. Meet with them in person to make sure your personalities mesh well together.

The key to great wedding photography is not just the skill level of your photographer. It also lies in their ability to make you feel comfortable, allow your unique personalities to shine, and allow you to be relaxed and have fun. Capturing emotions, tender moments and unique experiences are what will make your wedding album something you will cherish for eternity.

Wedding Planning Should Include a List of Must-Have Photos

Once you have found a wedding photographer that you are excited about then it is time to make a list of your absolute “must-have” wedding photos. What does this mean? Well, some couples want photos of the reception set up before guests arrive, getting ready photos, flay-lay photos of wedding stationery, bridal portraits, etc.

Your love story is unique to just the two of you and so your wedding album should be unique as well. Imagine if photographers produced wedding albums that were cookie-cutter with every photo appearing to be the same pose or location, just with different people. That wouldn’t tell your love story. Your wedding photographer should capture you being you! If that means ripping off your shirt on the dance floor, wearing converse tennis shoes under your gown, or jumping into the water with your tux and wedding dress on – just do you! And if your photographer won’t or can’t do that, they are not right for you.

Photos of your wedding can be a large expense so you want to make certain before the wedding that you are hiring a photographer that will capture your love story the way you want. That’s why we suggest you make and provide them with your “must-have” wedding photo list.

Must-Have Wedding Photo List

Here are the top 10 wedding photos in 2020 that every couple should have. Check out the list and incorporate your favorites into your wedding!

The Bridal Bouquet

Flowers are something that is very personal to people. This is why designing your overall wedding theme and decor revolves around the type of florals that you use. They are a small detail that really makes a big impact on the overall look and feel of your event.

When you have these gorgeous floral arrangements and bridal bouquet, you’d better strike a perfect pose and capture those beauties on film. Maybe the traditional front view with your bridal bouquet or creative poses that show your personality. Photographers in 2020 are proving to be really creative and if you give them room, they will come up with some great ideas.

Short haired bride holding a bouquet of flowers

Photo credit: Masha Kart

The Bridal Party

The perfect wedding can’t be complete without your best girls and guys by your side. This is a must for your 2020 wedding album. But again, mix up your photography by having both the traditional bridal party posed photos as well as some fun ones. Showing emotion, excitement, and fun during your photos can really help you remember “how you felt” on your wedding day. So laugh, smile, run, jump, or embrace! Let your love explode on film.

Bride and bridesmaid group photo in front of fountain

The Groom

We know! Most of the attention on the wedding day goes to the bride but it is his day too! Make sure your photographer knows that you want some portrait-style photos of your groom. Getting ready photos of him is amazing as well. Weddings are about telling stories and parts of that are capturing the little details. (Bridal portraits are a must-have but it’s not on our list because it’s an automatic necessity that every photographer does.)

Groom wearing a suit and posing in front of a lake

Photo credit: Apollo Fotografie

The First Look

The first look is a trend that has taken over the wedding industry over the past several years. And while not all couples want to see each other prior to the ceremony, it can create some beautiful photos. If you plan to do a first look so that you can enjoy every moment of the cocktail hour and reception, first look photos must be on your list. And we LOVE them!

Bride and groom standing back to back for photo

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

The Ceremony Location

For most couples, the ceremony site is something that is near and dear to their hearts. Ask your photographer to capture a landscape or panoramic photos of your ceremony. This will allow you to remember the setting, feeling, beauty, and ambiance for years.

Neutral and organic rustic farm wedding in Tuscany.

Photo credit: Grace and Blush

Candid Moments

This is by far one of our favorite types of wedding photos. Candid moments are where you are simply being you. Tender, intimate moments alone, or maybe that special dance that only the two of you do, these are incredible photos that we promise you will cherish for life.

Groom holding bride in romantic destination wedding on a Spanish Island

Photo credit: Salt & Pepper Photography

The Wedding Exit

When the night (or day) has ended and it is time to go, you should do it in style. Popular trends in 2020 weddings are to plan epic wedding exits or send-offs. Some great ideas are sparkler exits, confetti exits, boat exit, antique car exit, bubbles, ribbon wands and so many more. These exits can create some Insta-worthy pics that we’re sure you will love.

Bride and groom kissing on a rowboat

The Place Setting

There is no more perfect table setting than at a wedding. Everything is meticulously placed, the colors and textures pop, the florals and greenery are dreamy and the lighting is absolutely romantic. What could be more perfect than that? So make sure your photographer knows these photos are important to you and must be captured.

Flower bouquet and wine glasses on dinner table

Photo credit: Masha Kart

Down The Aisle & At The Altar

We combine these two into one. Wedding ceremonies are emotional experiences filled with love, nerves, excitement, and sometimes tears. Ask your photographer to capture photos of the groom at the altar when he sees his fiance for the first time. And the bride walking down the aisle and even better the excitement that the two of you share hand-in-hand walking back down the aisle. All are photos that need to be part of your memories and album.

Bride and groom walking down the isle and celebrating

Photo credit: Janine Licare Photography

The First Kiss

And we saved the best for last! Every couple should have this photo on their must-have list. Your first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. (Mr. & Mr. or Mrs & Mrs) will forever be one of the most cherished moments in your lifetime. Having a photograph to preserve that in history is essential.

Another great idea is to capture the “Last Kiss” as well. During your epic wedding exit, have your photographer snap a photo of your last kiss. It’s the perfect ending to your wedding day and the beginning of a life together as one.

Bride and groom kissing

Photo Credit: Nika Zhorzholiani

Your love story is yours and only you know how to express it, but with the right photographer, it can be documented on film and come to life each and every time you flip through your album or gallery.