Breathtaking Views & Gorgeous Colors in the Republic of Georgia

This bridal editorial took place during the workshop Ardor in Kazbegi, the Republic of Georgia.

Ardor, which means fervor, devotion, passion, zeal, was the perfect title. The artists got together to passionately create a very unique scene inspired by the raw nature of the Caucasus mountains. Once you stand in front of these rocky mountains surrounded by green, grey and blue tones, breath the fresh air, feel the humid wind and enjoy the peacefulness, you get to understand why this area is such a huge source of inspiration and why of all the places in the world the workshop was hosted here.

The carefully chosen palette of the editorial primarily composed of ivory and touches of red, orange and gold contrasts with the complementary colors of the nature highlighting the models. A perfect example of this use of color was the silk red fabric held by the model and blowing in the wind surrounded by green. The styling was very organic, which blended in perfectly with the landscape. This effortlessness was achieved by the use of gowns with clean lines, soft fabrics, flat shoes, very natural hair, makeup with an earthy palette and stunning jewelry.

The stationery also reflects the style of the editorial with the use of cotton handmade paper, text in earth colors and a beautiful nature-inspired design. These brides looked like they really belonged in these mountains. They evoked raw, strong, serene and effortless femininity and captured the essence of the unforgettable Kazbegi.

Photographer: Ondina Baier-Yanez  | Floral: Tamara Gigola of Murier Sauvage | Stylist/Planner: Annie Brooks, Whitney Watts of The Wells Makery | Dress/Outfit Designer: Alexandra Grecco  | Hair/Makeup: Yana Bendeliani  | Venue: Rooms Hotels Kazbegi  +  | Silk: Tanja Kibogo of Seidenband  | Models: Miriam and Alina from Geomodels Agency | Workshop Hosts: Jacob Brooks of Brumley and Wells | Coordinator: Tamara Gigola