Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Being lucky enough to live in the digital age, photos are an important part of everyday life, allowing us to document all the best moments and sometimes the ones we’d rather forget! If your wedding day is fast approaching, the pre-wedding photo shoot is probably on your mind and you may be wondering where you should stage this momentous occasion?
The answer is; there is no one definitive answer, but a good idea is to have a think about your relationship with hubby to be – what brought you together, what are your shared interests and what unique inside jokes do you have (if any)? The more personal the photoshoot becomes, the more the essence of your relationship will shine through and give you those incredible, showstopper images that have meaning. Let’s take a look at some unique and quirky ideas for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Incorporate Street Art

If urban street art is your thing, take your hubby to be and the photographer out for a day discovering the best in unique wall art. Graffiti is powerful and has a gritty edge, giving a perfect backdrop to attention-grabbing photographs. Position yourselves in the distance or right in front of your favorite wall designs and you could even dress up yourselves to add your own touch.

Romantic Horseback Riding

Horse riding may be a part of your life or maybe you just want to give it a go for the camera – either way riding horses across the beach at sunset, or at any other time with your loved one will create unforgettable images. Romantic and dramatic, the camera will love the image of you riding along with hubby to be.

Pool Lounging

Lazy days at the pool with Mr. Right……..sounds like great fun to me! Grab floats, a pair of sunnies and even a cocktail and enjoy lounging in your best swimsuit while the camera snaps away. Try out relaxed shots looking into each other’s eyes, a few shots clinking glasses and even a few action shots splashing water at each other.

Family Matching Outfits

Relaxed time at home with the family – maybe this is the heart of your relationship and should be expressed in your pre-wedding photos. Your little bundle of joy will love being a part of the photo shoot and matching outfits will add that extra special touch, which will really stand out to the camera.

Snow Play

If you live in a snowy area, chances are that snow has played a big part in your life. If not, it may just be that bitter cold time of year and you fancy snapping a few fun shots outside for something different. Either way, pretty snow covered scenes will make a great backdrop to your picture book, allowing you and your partner to have fun throwing snowballs and maybe even a sled ride.

Dark and Stormy

Rain is obviously not everyone’s favorite type of weather, but it can make a brilliant, dramatic backdrop to your pre-wedding snaps. Get close under an umbrella or become totally free and dance around in the rain! If the sky is dark and threatening a storm also, this will add an extra edge to those photos that will look amazing.

Go Wild in Nature

If you’re the outdoorsy type of couple, you may spend a lot of time enjoying time in nature. This, of course, will create spectacular backdrops to your photo book and can be incorporated in many ways. Pose amongst trees and wildflowers, take action shots of you hiking or climbing and you can even spread a blanket out to enjoy a relaxed picnic.

Sweat and Smile

Keeping fit is a way of life for some and if this rings true with you and your other half, getting sweaty in the gym for the camera is a fun and unique way to show off your passion for those pre-wedding photos. Try out action shots boxing or lifting weights together and you could even pose in your everyday clothing in various shots, with the gym as a backdrop.

The First Date

Where was that amazing, life-changing first date? You might have just met for a simple coffee or in a local bar – a photoshoot here will bring all those memories flooding back and be a great backdrop for pre-wedding photos before you begin the rest of your lives together. Maybe the first date was more adventurous like zip-lining or rock-climbing – either way, photos taking you back down memory lane will bring a tear to the eye!

Use Props or Symbols

Incorporating props and symbols into your photos will really make the image stand out. Huge ‘LOVE’ letters say exactly how you’re feeling and you could even add in humor with references to games you played when young or a shared joke you have. A simple rose placed in the forefront of the picture could symbolize your love for each other and it would mean even more if it was the first flower he’d given you.
After the photo shoot, use your photos on your save the date cards or keep your treasured pre-wedding photos in your own Rosemood photo book, where you can look back on these special times all in one place. The important thing is; to enjoy shooting your pre-wedding photos and try to step out of the box, allowing both your personalities to shine through.