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Are you an Amsale bride? Designer Amsale Aberra founded her namesake label in 1985 when she was unable to find a gown for her own wedding that suited her style. Being the 80s, she said she found everything was “overdone and overly adorned,” when she really wanted something minimal and refined. And so, Amsale (pronounced Am-sah-leh) was born.

Amsale HoustonAmsale Porter
Amsale Houston (left) | Amsale Porter (right)

Softly sophisticated and timeless is the signature Amsale look. Simplicity reigns, and the bride who wears one of the wedding dresses it certain to look effortlessly polished. The wedding dresses in the collections are not overly embellished, instead featuring asymmetrical slants, pleating and careful draping. Silhouettes tend to accentuate natural shape, but are not too form-fitting.

Amsale HudsonAmsale Delancey
Amsale Hudson (left) | Amsale Delancey (right)

Amsale gowns are uncomplicated in design, often with a single major accent that draws the eye. This could be an oversized bow, floral feature or a detailed illusion back. Unique necklines appear again and again in each season’s looks: crumb catcher and bateau styles are among the favorites. The architectural gowns appear to be simple, but are anything but — a hallmark of excellent tailoring and craftsmanship.

Materials with a beautiful soft glow such as silk faille and silk magnolia are used often, along with touches of tulle or French lace for dimension. Soft layers impart a dreamy, romantic feel. If a touch of color is what you seek, don’t worry. Amsale produces many of her gowns in soft shades such as blush pink, ivory and champagne.

Amsale KendallAmsale Jane
Amsale Kendall
(left) | Amsale Jane (right)

An Amsale gown would be perfect for a modern wedding in an art gallery, museum or loft, but in truth their simplicity makes them a wonderful fit for most venues. Chic, sophisticated brides-to-be should definitely add Amsale to the list of gowns they would like to try on. Who knows? You just might end up falling in love with one of the designer’s minimal wedding dresses.

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