Vera Wang Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses

Always the innovator, Vera Wang pushed the bridal boundaries once again with with her Spring 2016 collection.  Seduction and sensuality dominated the line with many gowns that left nothing to the imagination. Vera’s signature femininity could be seen in soft tulle skirts and grand bow accents and the entire collection showcased her incredible design aesthetic. If you’re a bride who want to embrace her sensual side, this collection may be just what you’ve been dreaming of.

Vera Wang Spring 2016 Bridal Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_2 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_3 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_4 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_5 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_6 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_7 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_8 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_9 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_10 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_11 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_12 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_13 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_14 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_15

Images via Vera Wang