Vera Wang Fall 2012 Wedding Gowns

Vera Wang, often considered the world’s preeminent wedding dress designer, definitely surprised at her Fall 2012 Bridal Show.

Her latest “witchcraft” collection included the signatures of her design  – luxurious fabrics and intricate construction – and also a bold use of nude and black. (There was not a single white gown in the show!)








Images: John Aquino | Brides

I have to admit, while I love love love Vera Wang and admire the artistry of each of these unique creations, they just don’t feel bridal to me.  I want to look at a new collection and fall in love. I want to be able to imagine myself in my favorite gowns and be slightly envious of the bride who actually gets wear to wear one.

But this collection, while beautiful, makes me want to attend an amazing gala, not be the bride.

What do you think?  Do these black and nude gowns inspire you?


  1. I agree. I love colored gowns but these don’t feel bridal to me either. I can appreciate their value in terms of artistic fashion but that’s the extent of my affection for this collection.

  2. I think these gowns are gorgeous I love the nude with the black very modern honestly I think its about time would I wear a black wedding gown for my upcoming nuptials? YES I would

  3. I agree that these dresses in black don’t feel bridal. I see the structure of the fabric, the layers, the tulle, the lace, all manipulated together and it is so very Vera Wang. But I also imagine the dresses in nude or ivory and think about how much more these dresses would be elevated visually. Vera Wang is bold, she pushes the bar and sets the standards, and this collection is no exception.
    I don’t have a strong connection towards these gowns either, but that might be due to the fact that I was just married and so the want just isn’t there for me anymore.
    All in all, I love the nude and black dresses. They may just not be for everyone.

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