The Royal Wedding Collection at David’s Bridal

The Royal Wedding has definitely inspired a worldwide trend towards more formal, stately weddings.  And if you’re planning a fairytale wedding that is heavily inspired by Will + Kate’s, then David’s Bridal may just have the dress for you.

Check out the Royal Wedding Collection at David’s Bridal (coming in August, but available for pre-order now).

They’ve created a replicas of Kate’s entire look.

(Dressveil, tiara, earrings)

If you were inspired by her more modern evening look (or want to have 2 gowns just like Kate did), they’ve also got a dress inspired by her Sarah Burton evening gown.

And of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without a version of Pippa’s dress (something, no doubt, the single men attending your wedding would love to see your maids in.)

What do you think?  Will American brides jump at the chance to wear Royal inspired gowns?  Or will they keep to their own personal style?



  1. I personally have very similar style to Kate, my gown had cap sleeves and was a simple elegant dress.
    I am also an American in London who married a Brit.

    The simplicity worked on Kate’s dresses because the fabric was high end. The first dress esp. looks cheap to me.

    As for the general style, I’m honestly not sure. I think some brides will go for it, as there are brides like me who don’t want the strapless “norm.”

    I don’t know how many brides will go with white bridesmaid’s dresses, however when I saw Pippa step out of the car I thought her dress looked like a destination wedding gown, so perhaps it could sell that way.

  2. I dont know why a bride would want to to copy Kates look. A wedding is your day, be who you are, not who someone else is. Copy details if you want, lace, a long train, sleeves, etc. It just doesnt make sense to copy her entire look.

    I also think that the first gown looks very cheap. When you make it that clear who the dress is supossed to be modeled after a much higher quality one, it makes the knock off look very cheap. Same with the bridesmaid dress. The second dress is cute though. I would wear that.

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