Sunday Morning at Home With Asel and Alvin [Couples Photography Session]

From Jenny Liu, the photographer

“I love shooting at-home couples sessions. I love that it takes place where a couple is most comfortable, I love that they’re intimate, and I love that I can shoot them rain or shine, which is a big deal when you live in a rainy city like Vancouver. Home is where people are most comfortable; it’s where the small but significant everyday moments build a relationship, and it’s where people recharge.

My couple, Asel and Alvin, have been married for one year. They met through Asel’s best friend and were married two years later. Asel and Alvin are from two different cultures with different traditions, and in total, they had three weddings, four wedding dresses, 200 wedding speeches, two wedding bands, and one engagement ring.

I wanted a shoot that captured the quietness and ease of Asel & Alvin being at home. I thought about slow Sunday mornings where nothing is on the calendar and you can take your time sipping a cup of coffee. I thought about the small but poignant moments in a relationship like cuddles on the couch, slow dancing in the kitchen, and giggles under the covers. I think those are the moments that make love grow.

At-home couples sessions are great for any stage in the couple’s relationship; having photos that capture where you lived in a specific period in your life is precious, which is why they’re great for anniversaries.”


Photographer Jenny Liu Photography | Couple  Asel and Alvin