Neutral and White Elegantly Styled Bridal Inspiration Featuring Soft Feminine Accents and Organic Textures

From Sarah, the stylist:

“The concept of this shoot was to create something that focuses on the beauty of natural tones with plenty of white. In terms of textures, we wanted to create an interesting balance of the raw and natural against something more elegant and refined. For the organic and natural feeling, we choose to use egg shells, raw paper edges, and natural linen. We balanced this out with a simple floral installation that spills out of a vase to create a visual flow and a sense of freshness.

With a plunging back and front design, the dress we choose is the focus of the elegance and refined beauty that we wanted to add to the shoot. From the soft wispy ruffles to the intricate web of lace that covers the front of the dress, it brings a sense of refinement and fragility. To showcase the beauty found in nature, we used natural stone jewelry with an iridescent hue and delicate lines. As the gentle creases in the linen soften the jagged edges of the eggshells we used various textures in this shoot to create a soft and dreamy look. We hope this shoot will be an inspiration for those looking to create something using the natural palette while incorporating various things to keep the look cohesive yet interesting.”

Model: Kit Billings | Photographer: Kat Willson | Hair and Makeup Artist: Vanessa Westerager of Nadia Albano Style Inc | Stylist/Planner: Honour and Blessing | Floral Designer: Hanaki Floral | Dress/Outfit Designer: Union Bridal | Designer: Rime Arodaky | Stationery: AcetateLaBoite | Jewelry: Leah Alexandra Jewelry | Linen: Serenity West Premium Linen