Neutral Grey and White Botanical Bridal Session Encourages the Modern Bride to Find Balance Between Minimalism and Current Trends

From Yulia, the photographer:

“The inspiration of this shoot was to show how gentle and defenseless a bridal image could be among dried branches and a cold grey wall. Natural makeup and an airy, relaxed hairstyle emphasized ease and softness. A plain dress with smooth lines was elegant but didn’t distract from the bride’s beauty.

This inspirational photo shoot was created in Belarus. The only styling for this session was dried branches. We wanted to show brides how little they need to create something gentle and beautiful. This editorial focused on the modern brides who take responsibility for their choices and personal influences, who seek a reasonable balance of minimalism and trends. The neutral color palette reflected this perfectly. I really hope this shoot will inspire brides to confidently create a look that is both simple and elegant.”

Model: Julia | Photographer: Yulia Galygina | Make Up Artist: Tanya Sheremet | Film Lab: Lighthouse Film Lab |