Natural, Minimalistic Bridal Editorial featuring Modern, Ocean Themes and Pops of Gold

From Tatyana Chaiko, the Photographer:

“This editorial was all about natural and minimalistic style. We really felt like creating pictures that would represent our vision of how the modern bride looks. For us, it is all about the details – very elegant, but still accurate – to keep the main focus on the beauty of the bride. Each detail was picked very carefully from the jewelry and silk dresses to the cutlery and clean calligraphy set. To make the story more personal, we chose marine-themes for the whole styling. Sea-shell earrings by MATIÈRE 79 and pieces of coral were beautifully paired with the lightest silk dress by Cathy Telle, which floats in the air just like sea foam. Golden cutlery and pearl rings reminded us of the sea treasures. Gorgeous bouquets by Happy Doll Weddings in pastel shades of pink, blue, and an elegant touch of pearl gold added more airiness to the picture. Hair & make-up style was created by Irene Syzikova with the thought to make it look like the bride made it herself – with a light and elegant touch, a bit messy, but still beautiful. Perfect skin-tone with just a bit of blush and natural waves or classic bun – everything to keep the main attention to the bride. The last detail to bring the whole picture together was the stationery set by Anya Tsymbal, which was made on a designer paper with rough edges and sloppy strokes of blue oil paint.”

Photographer, Stylist, and Planner: Tatyana Chaiko | Floral Designer: Happy Doll Wedding | Dress/Outfit Designer: Cathy Telle | Hair/Makeup Artist: Irene Syzykova | Jewelry: Matière79 | Stationery: Anya Tsymbal | Models Katrin Prosenyuk & Juli Snatch