Minimal Two-Product Bridal Makeup

Step 3: Smudge additional liner on bottom lashline

Simple and elegant. Nothing too over the top, but still leaves an impression. That’s the mood for this particular look which I hope you’ll not only find easy to recreate but flattering to wear as well. The best part of this simple look? Only two products (three including primer)!

Step 1: Prime

Using your product of choice, prime your eyelids. I used the Make Up Forever Eye + Lip Primer.

Step 1: Use Primer to Prime Eyelids Step 1: Prime Eyelids

Grab your favorite brown, long-wearing pencil and line your lids as if you are about to create a winged eyeliner. Make sure that the pencil is sharp! I used the MAC Eye Khol Liner in Teddy as it is a gorgeous color and easy to blend.

Step 2: Define and line eyes with pencil Step 2: Define and line eyes with pencil for winged eyeliner

Next, connect that wing into your crease, or just slightly above only going halfway across the lid.

Step 2: Connect wing to crease Step 2: Soften and blend liner

Finally, soften and blend the liner up and outwards with a small pencil or crease brush.

Step 3: Highlight + Set

Using a neutral-toned shadow slightly lighter than your skin (We used Ben Nye Single Matte Eyeshadow in Vanilla), highlight the center of the lid, tear duct, and brow bone.

Step 3: Highlight center of the lid and tear duct Step 3: Highlight the browbone

Smudge out additional liner on the bottom lash line to connect the look. Add lashes and mascara and the eyes are complete!

Step 3: Smudge additional liner on bottom lashline Step 3: Pair with bold or natural lip

Pair this look with a bold or natural lip depending on your style. I used a lash with a flared out effect to compliment the shape of the makeup and the model’s eyes as well as a rosy lip for a youthful pout.

*Model is Adeliese Murielle