Gorgeous Bridal Hair Accessories We Know You’ll Love

When it comes to bridal style, no look is complete without a little something in your hair. There is no doubt that adding a hair accessory helps to complete your look but finding the right one can be an exhausting task. Fortunately, we did the work for you! We scoured the internet and rounded up the best 24 bridal hair accessories we know you’ll love.

The 24 Eye-Catching Hair Accessories For Brides

Hair Vines

As a bridal hair accessory, hair vines can be the perfect finishing touch for boho brides or brides getting married outdoors. We love to see a delicate hair vine intertwined amongst a messy braid or tousled waves.

But there are also bridal hair vines that offer large flowers, crystal clusters, and pearls. Here are a few of our favorite bridal hair vines.

Style 834 hair vine by Twigs and Honey

Photo Credit: Twigs & Honey

Hair vine accessory by Twigs and Honey

Photo Credit: Twigs & Honey

Extra-Large Pearl Hairpins

Brides that are looking for a classic or vintage bridal hair accessory will love these extra-large pearl hairpins. They add the right amount of glitz and glamour without looking over the top.

Extra-large pearl hairpins like these will look amazing with a simple, elegant chignon or bun.

Large pearl hairpin accessory

Photo Credit: Etsy – WeddingBoutiqueUA


When glam is your style you need something dazzling in your hair on your wedding day. A large tiara that is fully encrusted with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones or other precious stones is definitely the way to go! Channel your inner princess with a stunning, regal bridal tiara.

Style 6583 tiara by Bel Aire Bridal

Photo Credit: Bel Aire Bridal

Regal tiara by David's Bridal

Photo Credit: Davids Bridal

Asymmetrical Flower Crown

Earthy, whimsical and still one of our favorite bridal hair accessories, the flower crown is evolving.

In 2020 we are seeing a new spin on the ever-popular bridal flower crown. Brides are opting for flower crowns that are more dainty with smaller flowers, vines or evergreen branches that are crafted in an asymmetrical fashion.

This asymmetrical flower crown design is achieved by arranging flowers on one side or the back for a simpler look instead of circling your head with flowers.

Still beautiful and so romantic, we are loving the less is more flower crown movement.

Bride wearing flower crown

Photo Credit: Charla Storey

Bride wearing flower crown outdoors

Photo Credit: Jonas Peterson

Structured Headband

Structured headbands are always a bride’s favorite. Made by decorating silver, gold or rose-gold metals with crystals, rhinestones, and even pearls these headbands are beautiful with any bridal hairstyle.

Calliope headband by Luna and Honey

Photo Credit: Luna and Honey

Bridal Hair Chains

Bridal hair chains are a great option for boho brides, vintage brides, or brides that aren’t fond of veils. They are easy to wear and look beautiful with your hair down or up.

If you are searching for a bridal hair accessory that is unique and can complement your wedding day look, a hair chain is the way to go!

In 2020, we are happy to see that there are a variety of designs and colors available for bridal hair chains. From the dainty, goddess-like hair chain, bohemian-gypsy hair chains with a little Egyptian or Greek vibe, or a bridal hair chain that is ultra-glam.

Here are some of our favs.

Bridal hairchain

Photo Credit: Etsy – LottieDa Designs

24k gold bridal hairchain

Photo Credit: Etsy – Itswelldone

This adorable Bohemian Gipsy Greek Gold hair chain will complement any bride that has a whimsical, free-spirited boho spirit.

Bride wearing hairchain during photoshoot

Photo Credit: Etsy – Biano Accessories

Pearl Headband

Pearls have always been a fashion trend that symbolizes timeless, classic beauty. In 2020, we are seeing pearls returning to popularity with small and oversized pearl bridal headbands.

No matter what your style, we are certain you can find a lovely pearl bridal headband in 2020.

Bride wearing pearl headband

Photo Credit: Heather Waraksa

Timeless Barrettes & Combs

Forever in style, wedding day barrettes and combs will always be around. Whether you are looking for an extravagant, bold barrette, comb, or something more simple there are hundreds of choices.

Not your school days hair bobble, in 2020 barrettes have grown up! Choose from bold and dramatic rhinestone barrettes & combs, pearl barrettes, floral designs, boho-inspired combs & barrettes, and even velvet bow barrettes.

Barrettes and combs are everywhere in the 2020 NY Bridal Shows and will definitely add the right amount of pizzazz to your hairstyle. Truly a hair accessory that fits every bride’s style.

Bride wearing barrette accessory

Photo Credit: Etsy

Bride wearing barrette accessory

Photo Credit: Etsy

Bride wearing barrette accessory

Photo Credit: Bella Mera Bridal Boutique

Bride wearing barrette accessory

Photo Credit: Hadas Peretz

This wedding day barrette is a gorgeous combination of geometric stones and crystals. Perfect when you need just a little something.

Gilded Floral Branch Pins

Gold plated or gilded hair accessories can become an heirloom for a bride to cherish. They have a warm golden gleam, are earthy, and captivate a sense of magic for your wedding day.

Bride wearing gilded floral branch pin accessory

Photo Credit: Twigs & Honey

Twigs and Honey, a modern-day bridal accessory company, handmakes these lovely gold-gilded Grecian wing hairpins set.

The set of gold-gilded hairpins are adorned with Swarovski crystals and can be scattered through your hair for an ultra-modern feel.

Bride wearing a golden branch pin accessory

Photo Credit: WeddingBells


When something a little more fun and flirty is required, a hair clip or pin with feathers is needed. Whimsical by design these gorgeous bridal hair accessories can be worn by vintage brides, glamorous brides and even with a fascinator or caged veil.

Bride wearing hair pin with feathers

Photo Credit: Etsy | PrettyBridalStudio

We love how this feather bridal accessory has a soft blush tone, clear beads, crystals, and a little leaf effect. Tuck this in your up-do and have everyone swooning.

Fresh Flowers

A bride can never go wrong with fresh flowers. If you love a flower crown but it just doesn’t fit your style, a gorgeous alternative is fresh flowers. They are incredibly beautiful, easy to wear, and a touch of earthy softness to any hairstyle.

Go big or small, anything is fine on your wedding day.

Bride wearing flowers in her hair

Photo Credit: PerfectParisWedding.com

A simple sprig of baby’s breath can add just the right touch to any boho bridal look or garden wedding. It just dresses up your hair ever so simply. Choose to weave it into your gently tousled hairstyle or braid.

Bride wearing flowers in her hair

Brides love pink and roses so why not adorn your wedding day hairstyle with a few? This romantic look is easy to achieve and will look amazing in photos. After the wedding, you can dry or press them to keep as a memory.

Double Band Crystal Bridal Headpiece

If you are looking for something chic to put in your hair on your wedding day, this crystal and pearl bridal headpiece with double bands is a great choice. It has a delicate look, yet still adds a touch of glam to your overall look. You can find this and other gorgeous bridal hair accessories on Etsy.

Bride wearing double band crystal headpiece

Photo Credit: Etsy- SiWeddingAccessories

A completely romantic look, this headband is handmade with a sparkling double layer of pearls and rhinestones and is perfect for the classic or vintage bride.

Bridal Bows Gaining Popularity in 2020

We are absolutely in love with this new trend! Barrettes are now available for brides that feature romantic velvet bows, tulle bows, pearl bridal bows, or even rhinestone-encrusted bows for a touch of glam.

These sweet bridal hair bows are great as an alternative to a veil and dress up any hairstyle you can dream up. Whimsical, romantic, and perfect for the playful bride.

Velvet Bridal Hair Bows

Bride wearing velvet bridal hair bow

Photo Credit: Katriin

A dainty velvet ribbon, adorned with pearls is modern, feminine and adds an elegant touch to your wedding hairstyle – Alice

Tulle Bridal Hair Bow

Bride wearing a tulle bridal hair bow

Photo Credit: Jonida Ripani

When planning your wedding it is easy to focus on the wedding dress, but don’t forget how important bridal hair accessories are to completing your look. From classic to boho or vintage there’s a bridal hair accessory for every wedding style and bride.

Ready to find the perfect hair accessory for your big day? Shop and save with our amazing deals here!

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