5 Creative Ways to Save The Date

Once you have your big date written in stone, it’s nice to give your guest list a heads up about the upcoming celebration. Before the formal invites go out, sending out Save-the-Dates is a wonderful – and exciting – way to make sure your loved ones are marking their calendars. But, you don’t have to go about this announcement in the most traditional of ways. A simple postcard suffices, of course, by why not get a little more creative than that? This is an opportunity to seize and infuse some of your own unique couple style and personality into the mix. 

Take Rosemood, for example, a company that breathes new life into the simple Save-the-Date card.  From photo finishes to artistic calligraphy, these cards are packed with contemporary charm. They also offer bookmarks that your guests can actually use and serve as a constant reminder that your wedding date is approaching. Of course, there are luxurious cards, such as the foil options, that will set a highly inspired precedent to the entirety of your stationery. 

Your Save-the-Date is your first impression of the ceremony and celebration ahead, so take your time thinking about what feels right to you and what compliments the vision you’re working to make come to fruition. In the meantime, let’s check out 5 creative ways to save the date and make sure all of your friends and family are in the know in terms of wedding day details. 

5 Creative Ways to Save The Date

Send A Bookmark

save the date bookmark

via Rosemood

Mentioned previously, sending a bookmark as your save-the-date is one of the most functional and unique ways to let your guests know when to jot down your big day in their calendars. Not only will it serve as a communicative piece for details but your guests can actually use this and be reminded on a consistent basis of the approaching date. And Rosemood provides you with a variety of personalizable designs that couples are able to help mould and design to reflect their own style. 


save the date stickers

via Something Turquoise

Turn your insta photos into stickers and send them along with your traditional invite so your guests can use them. What a great way for your loved ones to quite literally mark their calendars! There are several easy tutorials out in the blogosphere that will walk you through the process and it absolutely won’t cost you an arm and a leg to manage. 

Mini Easels

save the date mini easel

via Brooklyn Bride

This one you can easily DIY as well and we’re swooning for its innovation (and the fact that it’s miniature because who can really resist anything when it’s this tiny?!). Send your loved one a itty, bitty canvas exclaiming the details and have it sitting on an itty, bitty easel they can set up and display for the months to come. It’s a reminder and art all-in-one! And it’s a wonderful way to impress for a wedding filled with artistic, offbeat flair. 

Cootie Catchers

save the date cootie catcher

via Darling Girl Paper

It’s been a few years since we saw one of these! Not only do these cootie catchers bring bouts of warm nostalgia, but they’re just too darn adorable not to swoon over. And that’s exactly the way your guests will feel if they happen to get one of these in the mail from you. Each side of the catcher can be marked with an important detail of your wedding – or even tell the story of your engagement! The personalization is entirely up to you.

Luggage Tags

save the date luggage tags

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Perfect for a destination wedding, send off luggage tags! You can DIY some yourself or send perfectly functional ones if you have a smaller guest list to tend to. Not only can they use them when they jet off to your celebration, but they act as a favor as well. There are a variety of ways to go about this one so do what feels authentic to your vision. Either way, it’s a wonderful way to break the traditional save-the-date mould. 

Finally, while you’re busy prepping, planning, and deciding on your perfect save-the-date, check out Rosemood’s wedding stationery timeline to ensure proper delivery times for every piece of the invitation puzzle. Also, you can add a bit more creative to your designs by gathering some inspo with these wording ideas they’ve compiled.