Intimate Engagement Shoot Showcases Modern Love Story At Home

From Maricle Kang, the Photographer:

“You don’t need fancy décor or setting to show love. Love is simple, it’s the intimacy between the two through their daily routine, interaction, touches and looks. How each couple shows their love is different. For Cori & David, we wanted to keep it low-key, homey, cozy, and authentic for their session. There is no other place like their own home to show off their personalities and love for each other. Cori loves to laugh and likes to enjoy a glass of wine. The kitchen is probably the place she spends most of her time when she is at home. The mustard yellow dress added a pop of color and helps to showcase her personality: confident, sophisticated, and compassionate. David works as a personal trainer. He might look very muscular, but he has the softest heart inside. His touch and look to Cori were so loving and adoring. The bedroom is such a private place to Cori and David, but they were kind enough to invite me in to capture their affectionate love. It’s romantic, sweet, but also intense and passionate. Cori & David met at a fitness conference, so practicing couples yoga in the bedroom totally made sense to them. They told me it looks easier than it is, but it takes a lot of trust and faith in each other in order to succeed the balance. Isn’t it just like any relationship? I love that I was able to capture that with them during the session.”


Bride and Groom: Cori & David | Photographer: Maricle Kang