Increase your profit 50% | FREE video training

Being a business owner is a tough gig.

Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you work or how many clients you book—it doesn’t get any easier! You’re burnt out, overwhelmed, and for reasons that can’t be explained, the balance in your bank account never seems to budge (well, in the right direction at least).

I hear you. And I have great news—I brought help!

Meet: Shanna Skidmore.

Lots of you might have heard me talk about Shanna before. She’s a business strategist and financial coach, and she’s been the secret weapon of EVERY creative whose business I have seen thrive in the past few years. And when I say “thrive” I’m talking about increasing profits by 50-100+% in just 1 year. I’ve seen creatives buy homes, rent dream studio spaces, take vacations (What?!) and finally get back to the sweet place of loving being a creative entrepreneur…all because of Shanna’s guidance.

So, with the help of the If I Made team, we’re bringing her to you. For Free.

(Say what!?)

On Monday we’re launching 3 days of FREE video training with Shanna.


She will teach you how creatives like Kaitie Bryant, Jessica Zimmerman and Amy Osaba transformed their businesses and saw their profits skyrocket by applying a few simple strategies.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to stop the death spiral of discounting your work

  2. Why emotional pricing is killing your profit—and how to overcome it

  3. How to make more money without raising your prices

We’re also including a community Instagram challenge where you can share your stories, struggles, and most importantly—successes and goals for 2017 as you strive to build #thebusinessyouwant! This is the best way to interact with other creative entrepreneurs who are walking the same road as you. Because it’s always better to do it together.

Are you ready to get started?

Be sure to sign up for the 3-day FREE VIDEO TRAINING to kickstart 2017 and join us on Monday, January 30 as we dive in together!

Building a sustainable, profitable business is so possible for every one of you, and I can’t wait to see your progress! 

Emily Newman,
Founder Once Wed and If I Made