Intimate Bed and Bath Couple’s Anniversary Session is Relaxed, Modern, and Full of Romance

From Kate, the photographer:

“Nothing can replicate the comfort and intimacy of being in a long term relationship with someone whom your soul loves. You don’t need fancy dinners, dripped in diamonds, and all the fanfare. Sometimes there’s nothing better than spending the day in bed together.

The inspiration for this anniversary shoot are the lyrics to Ariana Grande’s song “Imagine”. Lyrics such as “Stayin’ up all night, order me pad thai, Then we gon’ sleep ’til noon. Me with no makeup, you in the bathtub Bubbles and bubbly, ooh. This is a pleasure, feel like we never Act this regular.” and “We go like up ’til I’m ‘sleep on your chest. Love how my face fits so good in your neck. Why can’t you imagine a world like that?”

I wanted to capture the intimacy and love this beautiful couple shares.”

Bride and Groom: Ashley and Cort | Photography: Kate Pease Photography | Dress/Outfit Designer: ASOS | Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab