Wedding Insurance: The Number One Thing Brides Don’t Know They’re Missing

We know planning a wedding is exciting, stressful, and comes with a very long to-do list. We know that while every couple wants the day to turn out perfect, there is the potential for disasters to happen and circumstances that are beyond your control.

We want you to be ready for anything. Don’t fall into the trap like most couples who are so focused on the dress and the one thousand details that a wedding entails that they don’t realize the number one thing that they are missing – wedding insurance.

We have the inside scoop on what wedding insurance is and why it’s the number one thing you need to include in your wedding planning budget.

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Potential Wedding Mishaps & Disasters

Before we get into what wedding insurance is all about, we want to talk about some scenarios you should consider. We know that a disaster on your wedding day is the furthest thing from your mind and you probably can’t even think of anything that would warrant needing insurance, but trust us, you need it!

Here are a few unexpected things that could happen on your wedding day:

  • Lost wedding rings
  • Tornado or hurricane (or other severe weather events) could cause a cancellation
  • Gifts could get stolen
  • Wedding dress could get burned during ironing
  • Fire at your venue
  • Caterer or photographer doesn’t show up
  • Wedding pictures never sent
  • A guest leaves drunk and causes an accident
  • Bankruptcy of venue
  • Unexpected military deployment

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is broken up into 2 types:

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects the wedding couple if they are legally responsible for damage to the venue or accidental injuries.  Most venues today require you to have liability coverage.

Cancellation Coverage

Your non-refundable deposits and non-reimbursable expenses will be covered if your carefully planned event gets derailed, cancelled, or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Who Needs Wedding Insurance?

Anyone who is not getting married in a courthouse should have wedding insurance. It is an inexpensive box to tick off your wedding planning list that can really save you a lot of grief. After all, peace of mind is priceless. Couples that are investing a significant amount of money into their wedding should consider having wedding insurance.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and for sure one of the most expensive! No one wants to think of a disaster happening on your wedding day but the truth is they do happen. Spending a little on wedding insurance can be a lifesaver when it comes to unexpected emergencies…without it, deposits will be gone forever!

At the very least, you can check out what kind of coverage you need and get yourself a free quote.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

All wedding insurance policies are different and range from insurance that protects you if something is damaged at your location, or your venue closes, to if the photographer fails to deliver photos and even liquor liability coverage which would cover alcohol-related injuries.

Find a wedding insurance policy that you can customize for what you feel is important (protect your deposits, your dress, cake, and flowers).

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What Does Wedding Insurance Not Cover?

First and foremost, wedding insurance does not cover cold feet. You know there is always some “fine print” when it comes to insurance so make sure you read yours carefully. It’s super important for you to do your research and ask questions.

What if your venue goes out of business before the wedding? If you have no insurance you lose ALL your deposits and you have to pay more for a new venue due to how close you may be to your wedding date, if there’s even anything you love available to book. But if you have wedding insurance you may get some (or all) back.

Each policy is unique and it’s up to you to do your research to find one best for you. eWed insurance, for example, provides great coverage at amazingly affordable prices.

If you are thinking things like this never really happen, think again. In February, Noah’s, a popular wedding venue with 42 locations in 25 States, filed for bankruptcy leaving 7,500 brides with no venue for their wedding and little to no chance of ever seeing their deposits again.  The lucky brides were the ones who bought wedding cancellation insurance.  In as little as 9 days, eWed insurance told us they were able to honor a claim made by their Noah’s bride and provide her with a full refund for her lost deposits.  You can imagine how relieved these ladies were knowing that their wedding was saved by having wedding insurance.


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What Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Each wedding insurance policy is unique and therefore so is the cost. Generally speaking, the cost depends on the type of coverage and how extensive the policy is. Policies can be as low as $100 and go as high as $1,000. Depending on the coverage you purchase, it can cover up to 1 year of professional counseling for the bride or groom’s emotional well being.

Planning your wedding day is one of the best times in your life and should never be overcast by the thought of something ruining your special day. All the wonderful memories that are created during your engagement, wedding planning and the dreamy big day itself should always be your main focus but a little “just in case stuff happens” insurance won’t hurt.