Galia Lahav | Spring 2017 Bridal

Galia Lahav’s Spring 2017 bridal collection did not disappoint. Her latest gowns showcased her signature dramatic style complete with intricate beading and delicate embroidery. If you’re a bride seeking the spotlight on your wedding day, these gorgeous gowns might be just what you are looking for.

Galia Lahav Spring 2017 Bridal | Wedding Dresses Galia Lahav Spring 2017 Bridal | Wedding Dresses Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_3 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_4 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_5 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_6 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_7 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_8 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_9 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_10 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_11 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_12 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_13 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_14 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_15 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_16 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_17 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_18 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_19 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_20 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_21 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_22 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_23 Galia-Lahav-Spring-2017_24

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Images via Martha Stewart Weddings.