French Chateau Creates a Historic and Elegant Backdrop for this Sophisticated Bridal Shoot and Beaded Vintage Gown

From Mariel, the photographer: 

“Ensconced in the alluring Loire Valley, the Château de la Bourdaisière inspired and set the scene for our sophisticated shoot. Our original concept followed a runaway bride who resists tradition. Her dress is not white, her feet are bare, and her hair is loose—yet she possesses an undeniable, effortless elegance.

As the French elite once retreated to the châteaux of the valley, so does our bride.  The château strikingly juxtaposes Renaissance architecture with a verdant landscape. Geometric, symmetric, and classic elements of the Renaissance mingle with undulated and organic verdure. Originating as a fortress in the 14th century, the Château de la Bourdaisière is a historic monument that has been devastated and reconstructed beaucoup times during its lasting existence. Its quiet but commanding presence has outlasted monarchs and wars, endured nature and time.

Using the palate of the château and valley, we painted our aesthetic. Spattered in the stone of the château are blue and gray hues, reminiscent of the water from the Loire River and the hushed sky above. We captured this fusion of colors in the bride’s monochrome, vintage dress. We similarly designed her loose, green bouquet to reflect the vibrant, rolling valley itself. As elegant châteaux have sprung up across the Loire Valley, we accented the greenery bouquet with white roses and Queen Anne’s lace. The bride does not just blend into her surroundings, she is an extension of them.

But more deeply, we were inspired to recreate the essence of the château in our bride. The bride’s A-line dress is thin, backless, and vintage. Though symmetrically cut, its muted and sheer fabric is asymmetrically beaded. Her dress is simple but ornate. And this understated simplicity emphasizes the bride’s feminine silhouette. We mirror this elegant restraint in her natural makeup. The bride’s essence is defined not only by what is but what isn’t. She isn’t wearing white, she isn’t wearing shoes or jewelry, and her hair isn’t coiffed. Still, the Chloe+Mint bride’s simple presence commands her wedding. Her confident defiance of the traditional is artfully articulated through her minimalism. By virtue of raw and refined elements, the Chloe+Mint bride unveils subtle confidence that evokes the quiet splendor of the Château de la Bourdaisière and the Loire Valley.”

Photographer: Mariel Hannah | Stylist/Planner: Chloe & Mint | Floral Designer: Honeycomb Affair | Dress/Outfit Designer: Shop Gossamer | Hair and Makeup Artist: Modern Bride Paris | Venue: Chateau Hotel de la Bourdaisiere | Modern: Elise Denys | Calligraphy: Julie Ha Design | Ribbon: Illume Silks