Easygoing Honeymoon Breakfast for Newlyweds

Breakfast in bed may be romantic, but it’s not for everyone. We love this easygoing honeymoon breakfast for newlyweds, captured by Tec Petaja. Set at Maison Couturier, a charming boutique hotel in San Rafael, Mexico, these photos capture the simple, day-to-day pleasures that a couple enjoys together: a good cup of coffee, fresh fruit, and time spent together. We love the idea of a setting aside time to relax and enjoy each other’s presence after the wedding has come and gone, whether or not you ask your wedding photographer to tag along. But if you do, we promise that these simple, easygoing photos of your everyday life together will become some of your most cherished memories.

If you want to know more about photographing real couples, Tec is someone you’ll want to learn from.


Photography : Tec Petaja