Beach Inspiration for an Indoor Wedding

While we might all love to host a beautiful outdoor wedding, with dinner under the stars, we know that that just isn’t realistic. So, we task our wedding planners, event designers, and floral designers with the potentially difficult task of bringing the outdoors in — in a way that isn’t overdone, bizarre, and still feels natural.

For this editorial, the creative team wanted to find a way to bring the allure of the beach indoors, without using the oft-overdone elements of sand, shells, and driftwood. Starting with the color palette, they drew warm tones from the colours and tones of the sun setting on the beach. Read on for more!

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More from the photographer, Jake Anderson:
“The draw, the allure, of nature is strong, and our inspiration is drawn from the colors, shapes, and textures of the beach, put in the context of an indoor wedding. Our vision incorporated the shape of the waves in the rolling and seemingly haphazard texture of the backdrop, the curve of place-cards, and even the sweeping calligraphy. Kelly used the tones and colors of the sun reflecting off sand as inspiration for her floral pieces. She also pursued a flowing nature to her pieces, which allowed the eye to travel over them, much as they would over a wave. Simplicity focused on organics, and an allowing of natural elements, within an indoor setting, was a difficult task, but one we felt we succeeded in through focusing on a consistent color palette, and intentional details.”

Photographer: Jake Anderson | Florist: Kelly Lenard | Styling: Mint + Lovely | Paper Goods: Plume Calligraphy | Venue: The Seeboth | Dress: Carol Hannah via Alice in Ivory  | Jewelry: Shop Lizzibeth | Makeup: Nola Kahn | Hair: Leah Anderson | Tabletop: Juliksa Quotidien via The Home Market | Rings: Alyssa & Anna | Ring Box: Weathered WI | Suit: Menguin @menguintux