Still, Quiet Moments Before Wedding Showcase Minimalistic and Feminine Bridal Beauty

From Jessica Smith, the Photographer:

“We were inspired to create a shoot that celebrated the beauty of the private and meaningful moments a bride gets to herself in the early morning before her wedding. Gillian, our amazing stylist, and I are both married and have been a part of many beautiful wedding celebrations, so for us, we really wanted brides to see how special it can be when there is time carved out to just soak in these sacred quiet moments of getting ready on your own and the beauty of that with no rushing or pressure. The rest of the day will include so many exciting things; your new husband, your best friends, dancing, cake, your family, but this moment? This moment is just for you. Savor it. Bask in all your feminine glory and be proud of the amazing journey you have been on to get here. You deserve it.”

Photography: Jessica Rose Photography | Styling: Gillian Stevens | Venue: Carriage Studio | Hair & Makeup: The Artistry Collective | Model: Sarah Fergusen | Florist: Hanaki Floral Design | Ring & Hair Pieces: Foe & Dear | Linen Bedding: Linen Bedding: Last Light Collection | Loungewear Set: Miel & Charlie & Lee | Dress, Top, & Skirt: Ozma Of California