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Designer Profile | Vera Wang

Appearing on the red carpet as often as she does the wedding aisle, Vera Wang has been infusing high fashion into the wedding world since her first New York bridal boutique opened in 1990. Initially seeking to bring a more modern look what she saw as a stagnant bridal industry at the time,  Vera Wang has created a brand that still holds true to that design aesthetic today and has become the gold standard in wedding day fashion.

Wearing a dress with the VW label instills a sense of luxury, exclusivity and above all: understated modern elegance. From the couture designs in the Madison Avenue flagship boutique to the more affordable diffusion Vera Wang White line at David’s Bridal, her signature look is available in a wide range of pricing, making owning their dream gown a reality for more brides these days.

Labelled a romantic by Vogue and New York Magazine, in the past Vera has used history and the world of sports to influence designs, but she says she also looks to women themselves as inspiration. Her collections combine classic materials and traditional bridal shapes with unique details and experimentation with textures while celebrating the feminine form and classic bridal style. As a journalist who became the youngest editor in Vogue’s history, Vera Wang has described herself as a rule breaker and a fashion designer who works in the wedding industry, not just a bridal gown designer.

Even with classic looks as her hallmark, Wang has never shied away from experimenting with the bold – her Spring 2013 collection pushed the envelope by presenting classic ballroom shapes and textiles paired with saucy elbow length gloves and black leather accents in a decidedly edgy collection.  Her most recent Fall 2014 collection presented gowns in bright, bold hues of pink showing the world, once again, that Vera Wang is truly an industry innovator.

Overall, the body flattering dresses remain timeless, heirloom even, balancing minimal modern design with classic fabrics, exquisite detailing, layering and whimsical additions that make the gowns stand out from the pack.

Signature touches like impossible layers of ruffles, beaded belts, over-sized bow backs and asymmetry do not overwhelm the designs or make them cliche, but do often make them show-stopping one of a kind gowns. And what  bride doesn’t want that on her wedding day?

Another trademark of the designs from the “Vera Wang Gang” is the ability to appeal to the styles of many different brides. An ever growing list of celebrities have been wed in Wang’s sleek, chic gowns: singers, starlets, models, socialites and even those in the political realm. Proof that the romantic gowns appeal to all women of discerning tastes, body types, budgets and styles.
If you are a sophisticated bride who considers herself a discriminating fashion conscious woman that appreciates fine workmanship, handcrafted details and thoughtful tailoring, Vera Wang may be the designer for you.

Iconic. Luxurious. Couture. Unforgettable. Just a few words that would describe Vera Wang; a name that is for many the epitome of style in the wedding world.