Celebrating 8 Years of Marriage in Classic Style While Strolling Through the City of Love

From Brittany, the photographer: 

“I had so much fun running around the coolest parts of Paris with these two! Being a photographer, I have captured photos of them in their hometown in California.  They contacted me as soon as they found out they would be coming to Paris. This duo effortlessly takes on some of the most historic and beautiful locations for their anniversary shoot.  I’m not even surprised these turned out so good (they said it), not because of what they’re wearing or where they are, but because of the emotion that shines from within. After 11 years together 8 of those married, they’re just as in love today as they ever were.  With their whole lives ahead of them, this life they’ve built together is worth celebrating! We picked the most beautiful January day in Paris with the most pastel lighting. Their anniversary photo shoot took place at Palais Royal, with a jaunt to the Louvre afterward, followed by a stroll along the Seine. My main focus for this photo shoot was to accurately capture the couple’s affection for each other, their happiness and their emotions in one of the most romantic cities.  Much like their love, I wanted something timeless.”

Photographer: Brittany Marie Photography