Morro Bay California Couple’s Shoot Styled in Contemporary Neutrals on the Beach

From Katie, the photographer:

“On what felt like the windiest day of the year, we still made this session work and it turned out to be one of my favorite shoots to date. Instead of trying to go against the wind, we used the wind to create more passionate, emotion-filled images. Having his hands running through her hair, pulling her in closely for a kiss. Capturing them walking through the long grass as it moved in every direction. It’s knowing how to use the elements you’re given, whether it’s wind, sunshine or rain and allowing the couple to fully be themselves that make for truly beautiful moments.”

This couple’s shoot on the beach featured a contemporary neutral palette of browns and greens. The natural hues and casual styling gave this walk on the beach a relaxed and relateable feeling. Despite the elements, Olivia and Richard’s love shined through the swaying blades of grass in Morro Bay.

Bride and Groom: Olivia and Richard | Photographer: Katie Nicolle | Venue: Morro Bay, California | Photo Lab: PhotoVision Film Lab |