A Charming Shoot Showcasing a Graceful Ballerina Bride, Blush Tones, Blue Tulle, and a Vintage Wedding Ring

From the photographer, Judson Rappaport:

“I have long been inspired by Ballet dancers. I am captivated by their grace, their movement, their strength and their devotion.  Many other artists, such as Degas, have long admired ballet dancers.

When I began putting together the elements I wanted to incorporate into this editorial, it became clear that I wanted to show the juxtaposition between the strength and toughness required of this profession with the soft and romantic movement of the dancers. By using an industrial setting next to the beautiful florals and the dancer’s movement, I was able to create that perfect mix between hard and soft that Dancers have mastered.

Other elements from the bride/dancer’s vintage wedding ring, to the blush tones of the florals, to the classic calligraphy, show how weddings can borrow elements from so many art forms. When it comes to how I photograph weddings, much of my inspiration for posing, direction and movement is inspired by ballet dancers, their costumes, and their storytelling ability.”

Photographer & Stylist/Planner: Judson Rappaport Photography, IG:  @judson_rappaport | Floral Designer: Bloom Bar,  IG: @bloombar.nyc | Dress/Outfit Designer: Catherine Deane,  IG: @catherine__deane | Skirt by @cocotutuhouse | Calligraphy: Ink Push Co | Headpiece by BHLDN, IG: @BHLDN