An Indonesian Bride Celebrates Her Upcoming Day With A Bridal Shoot

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From the photographer:
I shot this full day bridal session in Jakarta the day before the wedding. A lot of brides in Indonesia connect with natural light, film imagery, but because the traditional 1000+ person weddings take place inside in ballrooms, a lot of couples like to have pre-wedding bridal shoots to fulfill that desire for beautiful imagery.

From the bride Fiona:
I had been warned that time flies by quickly during the big day. Given our extremely busy wedding timeline, it was difficult to arrange enough time for a proper bridal shoot on our wedding day. So we set up this shoot to memorialize the details that I knew would be dear to me. I also thought it would be a great way to remember one of the most special times in my life – the last few days before my wedding.

I am extremely blessed to have been surrounded by many passionate and talented individuals who helped transform my idea into reality. The stationery in this shoot was created by a renowned calligrapher, stylist and designer from Jakarta. The invitation set was inspired from my love of the opera and vintage things, and most of the papers used were handmade in Italy. She also created mini postcards of my favorite honeymoon destinations. The images in the postcards were beautifully hand drawn by her.

The gowns for this shoot were all made by Yefta Gunawan. We first met at his workshop three years ago and we clicked immediately! Both of us share a deep love for classic cuts and vintage gowns. He was the perfect designer for this shoot because I knew that he could transform a piece of fabric into the most gorgeous gown! We chose classic colors such as white, grey, dusty blue, and black to complement the classic interiors in Sofia.

The floral arrangements and decor were done in a timeless design, with a beautiful and unique collection of imported flowers. We chose dusty blush colors for the flowers, as those colors complemented the stationery and gowns so well. I am so thankful for the talented artists who helped with this shoot. I am especially thankful that I was able to work with my favorite photographer.  Erich’s amazing talent made these beautiful images possible!

Photography Erich McVey | Design Tea Rose Wedding | Dress Yefta Gunawan | Hair & Makeup Priscilla Myrna | Venue Sofia, The Gunawarman | Styling & Calligraphy Veronica Halim | Monogram Printing Papillon Card