A Sexy Afternoon Couple Session

Whether you are a long time fan or new follower of Once Wed, you know that we love all things natural. To us, there is nothing more beautiful than images that capture organic genuine moments. This couple shoot is just that – relaxed moments between two people with a deep connection.

From the photographer, Russell Alboroto:
This was shot during Loom IV workshop in Salt Lake City. Ginny Au and her team curated a loft apartment into a raw and real setting where we could witness Nattalie & Gordon share a lovely afternoon together. It was easy to respond to their intimate and quiet devotion to each other. Everything in apartment wasn’t perfect – but that’s what made it perfect. Their connection was real, it was playful, it was raw, and most of all it was authentic. Photography Russell Alboroto | Styling/Creative Team Ginny Au, Tess Comrie, Veronica Rogers, & Kaela Rawson

From Once Wed:
If you share our love of these type of beautifully captured moments, be sure and check back over the next week as we will be featuring more work from the Loom IV workshop with Ginny Au. If you are a creative and want to learn more about creating this type of organic look, we are very excited to share our sister company’s launch of Ginny’s new course Loom: Lifestyle and Brand Curation!