A Mod Wedding

Wedding Kisses

This month we find inspiration from a pretty unorthodox couple.  We chose two people who weren’t a couple in the traditional realm, but loved each other just the same and to this day exude an intense sense of style and charisma that we just couldn’t pass up!  Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick.

Warhol was obsessed with celebrity so we incorporated newspaper print as a literal representation of media and the celebrity machine. Seems appropriate in this age of online media where anyone (perhaps even a bride + groom) can turn into a celebrity just from the internet. “Everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame”.  Large format newsprint becomes an interesting backdrop with pink and neon pink stencil paintings of glasses, high heels, wine glasses and diamond rings.  We used Warhol’s famed projection technique to create the pieces.  Silk screen frames with the same stencil patterns litter the room as a nod to Warhol’s propensity for silk screen in his early years. We also incorporated movie and photo shoot lights, cords, crates, and utilitarian elements to the set-up to bring in that Factory feel.

Black And White Modern Wedding

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Newspaper Wedding Ideas

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Pink Wedding Bouquet

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Wedding Kisses

Neon Wedding Ideas

Guests enjoy a cocktail of fizzy spiked strawberry lemonade punch and a delicious pink velvet cake emblazoned with pop art lips in pink and red and Warhol’s fitting quote: “One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party”.  Hot pink gum balls flanked the cake in wacky glass bowls on top of candle holders. To wipe away the crumbs we made graphic napkins gocco’d with a great big kiss.

For favors we took the stencil graphics and designed stickers to affix to false eyelashes for the ladies and ripe, yellow bananas for the boys – or vice versa of course!  Displayed among the iconic Campbell’s soup cans creates the perfect homage to Warhol’s famous works.

Bananas anyone?

Event Design/Styling: bash, please (yes, please design + bash events)

Photography: featherlove

Location: Siren Studios

Rentals: Town & Country

Cake: bittersweet treats