2011 Wedding Bouquet Trends

Your wedding dress is such an amazing statement.  It expresses your personality and style.  It’s makes its debut after being a secret throughout your engagement.  It’s your dress for one of the most important occasions of your life.

And the bouquet your carry with this Dress is an important decision too. That’s why we were delighted when Lisa Anderson of Sweet Pea Flowers in Denver shared her thoughts on bouquets with us. What I love most about Sweet Pea Flowers is their personal approach.  Lisa works with each bride. Individually.  To find out what she has always dreamed her wedding will be.  And then Lisa personally designs the event, hand picks the flowers and manages every detail.  Just what you’d want your floral designer to be.

Her are Lisa’s predictions for 2011 wedding bouquet trends:

Bouquet trends for the 2011 wedding season will include a layering of textures, muted earth tones as well as pops of color.

The romantic vintage and slightly cascading bouquets will return (think 20th century English garden style).  Natural greens will make a big come back such as Camilla leaves, grasses, herbs, ferns and vines. Brides wanting to add a little nostalgia to their wedding could use fabric from their mother’s gown to wear over their shoulders or tie it into their bouquet wrap to add a special, vintage touch.  A brooch from their Grandmother is perfect to add a very personal sentiment to any bouquet.

The hand tied bouquet will still be very popular, adding a more whimsical, bohemian twist with fruits, herbs and flowers mixed together.  Pops of color will make striking bouquets including flowers such as raspberry godetia, coral ranunculus, peach garden roses, small clusters of Clementine’s as well as delicious smelling lavender and mint.

Surprisingly, babies’ breath, mums and carnations are on the rise creating beautiful bouquets tightly packed featuring groupings of one type of flower.  Add the perfect printed ribbon or fabric wrap and they are simply stunning, classic and elegant.

No matter what vision the bride has, the personal touches and details are what makes her bouquet as unique as she is.