Can You Wear A Bridesmaid Dress Again?


Can you wear a bridesmaid dress again?  According to a new survey, more bridesmaids than ever are answering yes.

In August 2018, conducted a survey and found that 36% of bridesmaids said all of their dresses could be worn again.  While 30% said none of their gowns could be worn again.

When it comes to the dress itself, bridesmaids prefer mix and match styles over anything else.  And they think $100-$200 is the fairest amount to ask her to pay for her dress.

After the wedding?  Forty-seven percent of bridesmaids say they will keep the dress, with 23% saying they will sell it.

A whopping 87.25% of bridesmaids say they would definitely/maybe buy a used bridesmaid dress, making resale a smart option for any bridesmaid who doesn’t want to keep her dress.

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