My Four Favorite Wedding Favors

Emily’s recent post on wedding favors got me thinking.  She’s right, it is really is hard to find a favor that is affordable, fits your wedding personality, and is something that your guest will appreciate, and actually use.

Over the years, I’ve been to over 200 weddings. And I can’t remember the favor from a single one.  Really, I can’t.

So, I took a look at the (millions of) favors available on Beau-coup.  And, speaking strictly as a guest, here are the four favors I would definitely make sure were in my bag before the end of the night.

Beau-coup custom wrapped mint tins This wrapped mint tins are $1.85 (if you buy at least 30).   And who doesn’t likes to have a mint in their desk or bag.

Heart coffee scoop

This could be my favorite. (Maybe it is because I’m always looking for my own coffee scoop). But I really would use this.  And I really would remember where I got it. The scoops are $1.85 – $2.50 (depending on the quantity).

Miniature Flower Pot

I would definitely put this little flower pot on my window sill or desk. And they would look so sweet lined up on a table with a mixture of different flowers.  $2.50/pot, contents not included.

Star shapped wine stopper

You can get these wine stops with hearts, shells, snowflakes, golf balls, or stars, but I like these starfish ones the best.  And as a wine drinker, I can attest to the handiness of these little devices.  The stoppers range in price, but start as low as $2.00. (The starfish are $2.50 – $2.95 depending on quantity).