Vow Renewal/Second Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Hubby


Is your vow renewal or second wedding coming up, and you want to purchase a great gift for your hubby? There’s plenty of fantastic options to show your man how much he means to you, any of which he’ll surely flip for. Review the following ideas and pick the one that suits your husband’s personality the best:

Trunk Club

What is Trunk Club? It’s a site where stylists pick out clothes and accessories for men and women based on answers to personal style quizzes. If your guy isn’t a fan of shopping but loves to look sharp, this gift is ideal. Trunk Club provides free shipping and allows you to sift through the box, keep what you want, and send the rest back. There’s even free shipping on returns, and you’re only charged for the items he wants. How nifty is that?

Hand-Crafted Leather Sports Balls

Is playing sports a favorite pastime for your favorite guy? Then he will go bonkers for one of the hand-crafted leather sports balls from master leather craftsman Paul Cunningham. Find leather footballs, baseballs, and basketballs on the site BeSpokeGlobal.com, and pick whatever you think your man will love.

Smartphone Radio Dock

A modern-day smartphone in a old-school radio dock looks pretty darn cool, don’t you think? It’s available through the site GiftsForMen.com, which features “gifts for men that don’t suck.” The timeless radio dock is comprised of beechwood and brass, and is completely cordless besides. It even features a charger so your hubby can charge his phone while he listens to favorite tunes.

Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset

This item might say it’s for kids 8 to 12, but that’s hardly true. If you’re living with a hot rod nut who can’t get enough of fast cars, try giving him this Hot Wheels car maker playset. It allows you to make your very own Hot Wheels via two mold options, three chassis, wax sticks, and sticker sheets. Additional wax sticks and molds are available separately.


ManPacks is an online platform that ships necessities such as razors, socks, condoms, and underwear. First orders are delivered within three to five days, and all orders after that delivered every few months. The company sends reminders about shipments to avoid shipping stuff for, well, no reason.

Enjoy giving your special someone something special! We hope these ideas inspire!