Unique Wedding Party Gifts from Uncommon Goods

It can be really challenging to find the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You want to thank them, not only for standing with you on your wedding day but for standing with you throughout your friendship. Though a gift might never truly communicate how much you love your friends, we want to try. And in this world of engraved tchotchkes and nicknacks, the task of finding a great thank you gift for your bridal party becomes even harder. Uncommon Goods has a fantastic selection of curated, unique, and high-quality gifts that you’ll want to check out!

First up, the perfect present for your bridesmaids. Longstanding favorite options have been jewelry or beautiful robes. More than those basics, Uncommon Goods has a really fun selection of different options: an aerating wine glass set, gorgeous handmade soaps, and one of our top picks, one-of-a-kind rose quartz platters made by hand using Brazilian rose quartz.

When it comes to your groomsmen, tradition tends to dictate choosing alcohol-themed gifts — but go for something a little more unique than a flask engraved with your wedding date. One of the most fun finds from Uncommon Goods is a set of scotch-infused wooden toothpicks. Whiskey stones, a high-end set of beard care products, and a pair of cufflinks made from salvaged seats of baseball stadiums are other cool finds.

Uncommon Goods also offers couples a registry and personalized wedding gifts, so you can select from a range of home decor, kitchen and bar pieces, and art to bring into your home!