Top 10 Wedding Dress Designers in 2019

Our inspiration for this feature is the beloved wedding dress. We are breaking down the top 10 most popular wedding dress designer list so that when you are ready to start your wedding dress shopping you know which designer fits your style. Everything from bohemian bridal, classic couture, luxe silk, or all over lace, these are the best wedding dress designers in 2019.


Pronounced “beholden”BHLDN is a sister brand to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie so it was no surprise that they quickly became a hit with brides. When they entered the bridal market in 2011, they offered brides a variety of wedding dresses that ranged from the ethereal boho wedding dresses to the classic, sophisticated gowns and everything in between.

But what really captured the attention of brides everywhere is their delicate details, intricate lace patterns, and wonderful ad campaigns that showcase stunning brides wearing their gowns. Pretty pictures really can make you fall in love.

If you are searching for a wedding dress that will WOW your fiancé and guests, make sure to check out BHLDN.

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Wedding dresses designed by Berta are modern, sensual, and super popular. Definitely not for the conservative bride, these figure-hugging gowns with plunging necklines, dramatic back details, and sheer fabrics are ideal for the bride who wants to showcase her femininity.

High-fashion, totally glamorous, soft and sensual yet oh-so-pretty that it’s hard not to swoon over the incredibly trendy Berta wedding dresses. But! Berta wedding dresses come with a pretty hefty price tag.

However, you can get the Berta gown you love at a fraction of the price. So if you absolutely LOVE the Berta gowns and want to be the best-dressed bride ever, check out our selection of hundreds of used Berta wedding dresses.

Hayley Paige

Quite possibly the most sought-after wedding dress designer today! It is true that Hayley Paige wedding dresses are stunning, trendy and every brides’ dream but the truth is that many brides simply cannot afford (or don’t want to pay) the Hayley Paige price tag.

The national average that brides spend on a wedding gown is roughly $1,400 yet Hayley Paige wedding dresses usually start at $3,500. Ouch!

But have no fear, you too can rock that super trendy, modern and oh so romantic Hayley Paige gown on your wedding day. How? You can wear a Hayley Paige wedding dress without breaking the bank!

Simply search for a preowned Hayley Paige wedding dress online. Many brides change their mind and buy another dress so they sell their original, never worn wedding dress online. It is a great place to find the ideal wedding dress for you and save some money too!

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Oh, our obsession with Grace Loves Lace runs deep. This brand and wedding dress designer touches all of the love story, fairytale, whimsical checks that you could ever envision.

If you are a woman that isn’t infatuated with the “commercial” getting married stuff, exudes pure joy, and looking for a free-spirited, earthy, bohemian beauty wedding dress designer you have to check out Grace Loves Lace.

Grace Loves Lace is a brand that truly lives to encourage women to throw it all to the wind, knows exactly what she wants, and always bets on L-O-V-E, then G-L-L is for you!

We can help you search for the perfect Grace Loves Lace wedding dress for you. Galia Lahav

If you are searching for a wedding gown that will knock the socks off everyone at your wedding Galia Lahav is the wedding dress designer for you!

Are you a stickler for details? A little bit of a perfectionist? Meet Galia Lahav. An average of 120 hours goes into perfectly crafting each wedding dress, around 1,000 embroidery designs go into one final look, and more than 10,000 threads will be used.

Only the best fabrics, beadwork, and embroidery work are used to create these masterpieces. Truly designing magical wedding dresses that embody the essence of the bride’s soul but like Berta Bridal they come at a price.

If you purchase a Galia Lahav wedding dress at a bridal boutique you can expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 – $16,000. Crazy, right? We can help you wear a Galia Lahav wedding gown for 50% lower than retail prices.

This designer is one of our favorites because she designs high-quality wedding dresses with an impeccable fit that meet every bride style. As a top wedding dress designer, Maggie Sottero focuses on showcasing the beauty of every bride by creating each gown with beautiful fabrics, lace, and tons of beadwork (if that’s your thing) all at affordable prices.

Yes! Maggie Sottero gowns are priced from $800 – $2,000 with most of them falling in the national average range of $1,400.

Her collections offer styles that are perfect for your formal church wedding, boho-chic wedding or outdoor wedding, a simple backyard wedding, and courthouse ceremonies. Even if you want a wedding dress that is fun and flirty, or sexy and dramatic Maggie Sottero has it all.

Ready to find your Maggie Sottero wedding dress?

You can’t have a top wedding dress designer list without having Pronovias on it. This amazing wedding dress designer is based out of Barcelona Spain and designs the most perfect wedding dresses ever.

Their ability to find the most unique and exquisite lace patterns is unrivaled in the wedding industry. Yet at the same time, they design gorgeous, simple (no beadwork or lace) silhouettes that let the bride’s inner beauty show. Truly a romantic wedding designer who will steal your heart.

If you haven’t heard of Pronovias until now you are in for a treat! Have a look at our selection of Pronovias wedding dresses!

Truly the leading designer of bridal gowns simply because of the ability to combine beauty with meticulous workmanship down to the very last detail. Talk about swoon-worthy!

The ability to piece together delicate fabrics with intricate beading and lace to showcase a bride’s sensuality while still remaining classy, Inbal Dror is definitely a top wedding dress designer in 2019 and will continue to be into 2020. You have to see these gowns! The drama, the tulle, the lace, and pure sensuality are what makes wedding dresses an obsession for most women.

They can get pricey though (because they use only the best fabrics and embellishments). But you’re in luck! You can wear this Inbal Dror on your wedding day without breaking the bank.

Essense of Australia

If you LOVE Pinterest like we do, and have been saving photos of wedding dresses on boards as inspiration (even before you got engaged, wink, wink…we know) chances are that you have pinned tons of wedding dresses by Essense of Australia or their sister brand Stella York.

We couldn’t help but add them to the top wedding dress designer list because let’s face it, they have the perfect wedding dress for everyone! And, all at affordable prices. Yep! That’s right Essense of Australia generally keeps their price point below $2,000 for a brand-new gown. But who wants to pay full retail?

Their designs hit every mark with low dramatic backs, lace fitted silhouettes, beautiful ballgowns with ruffles and lace, sophisticated yet sexy crepe gowns, sleeves, strapless, spaghetti straps as well as the simple and classy, elegant gown. Truly a wedding dress to fit any bride and venue and all at an affordable price.

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Rounding out our list of top 10 wedding dress designers that you must check out while shopping for your wedding dress is Mori Lee. Now, please don’t get us wrong, Mori Lee is by no means “last” on our list. Our top wedding dress designer list is formatted in no particular order.

Mori Lee (and Madeline Gardner, the designer) is actually one of our all-time favorites. Similar to Maggie Sottero and Essense of Australia, Mori Lee designs wedding gowns for the “average” bride. Not that any bride is “average”, but their gowns are designed for every bride. Affordable in price but not lacking any detail or level of craftsmanship.

Within the Mori Lee wedding dress collections, you can find boho-inspired gowns, luxurious ballgowns with all the bling or just lace, fitted silhouettes, dramatic and unique details, and more. Truly a one-of-a-kind designer that beats to her own drum. Every gown is beautiful.

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And that’s it! Our top 10 most popular wedding dress designers list. We hope it helps you in the journey to finding the perfect wedding dress. Let’s get shopping!