Winter Wedding Trends for 2021/2022

Winter Wedding Trends

Winter may not be the number one season choice for brides and grooms to say their I Do’s, but it has definitely been gaining popularity over the last five years. And for good reason!

There’s something quite romantic, whimsical, and mystical about the colder months of the year, and there are quite a few unique ways to create the most special of days during the snowfall and dropping temps. What about this year though? Are there any specific trends to keep in mind? Anything extra unique and fashion-forward to add to your big day? We’ve gathered what’s in – from local flavor nods to rainbow technicolor.

Local Flavors

 local flavors at your wedding
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So, in all fairness, this may not be a specific “winter” trend but it’s a growing trend nonetheless and we thought it was imperative to mention. Provide your guests with local bites that show off and pay homage to the flavor of the space you’re celebrating in. Popcorn Nebraska, hot chicken in Nashville, or mini cheesesteaks in Philly, provide an experience for the entire event!


candlelight winter wedding
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Candlelight is back – although it never really went away. Set the mood, set the scene, and light up those chilly nights with bouts of candlelight and soft, amber hues. This is a great way to evoke the spirit of the season without adding to the budget or your stress levels.

Nature-Inspired Themes

nature inspired weddings
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A lot of winter weddings are staying away from very specific themes and using nature itself as the inspiration. Focus on the snow that’s falling or the greens from the pines. Decorating your space with organic elements is such a natural and romantic way to celebrate your big day. It feels much more attainable as well and timeless!

Classic Color Combos

black and white winter wedding
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Focus on classic color combinations instead of some of the more innovative sets. Focus on Greens and creams or black and white to set the scene for your big day. Winter does well with these more timeless or traditional shades because the season itself creates a presence to the entire event that you want to complement and not take away from.

Bridal Capes

bridal capes for winter brides
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In the world of winter wedding day fashion, capes are making a splash. Different textures and fabrics are being used to cover up the chill but also enhance the essence of the moment. We have seen lace, velvet, silk, and even faux fur dawned – and the photos are gorgeous!

Vintage Makeup

vintage makeup winter wedding
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We have seen minimal makeup, cat-eyes, glowing, natural hues, drama, and vintage too. And that old-age spirit is coming back with our brides. Specifically, think 1940’s bold lips and brows, with fun tones to play with on the eyes. Try complimenting your natural eye color as well (purple does well with green!).

All-White Bouquets

all white bouquets winter wedding
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Monochromatic schemes are always a timeless way to go. And when it comes to your floral designs, all-white bouquets pay homage to the season in strides. We love the simplistic nature and sophistication it adds to our brides too. Don’t be afraid to add some dusty miller or frosted berries in there for texture.

Simplistic Wedding Cakes

A simplistic winter wedding cake
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Long gone are the days of extravagant cakes. Instead, simple designs are setting the scene. Focus on beautiful tones and light accents. Take this cake, for example, the emerald shade, the marble top, and that gold leaf detail is … chef’s kiss.

Velvet Gowns & Accessories

velvet winter wedding
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The best material to utilize throughout the winter months would be velvet. You quite literally shouldn’t be using it at any other point in time and it’s such a fun addition to the scene. Dresses and linens for the event become so much richer in nature when the material is chosen to become a focus.

Rainbow Technicolors

 colorful winter wedding flowers
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And finally, rainbow technicolor is taking over the wedding world. Long gone are just greens or monochromatic tablescapes! Instead, bright tones are popping up everywhere – and that goes for colder celebrations too. What bright tones can you create a technicolor design from for the winter? Cranberries, emerald, gold, sapphire, chocolate, and more.