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Saipua Bouquet

I’m excited to welcome Sarah of Saipua as our guest blogger this week. We are big fans of her work here at Once Wed and look forward to seeing what pretty flowers she has in store for us this week…

Lets be clear; your bridal bouquet is the most important piece of this whole wedding puzzle. Forget the thousand dollar louboutins, your canape’s, your meyer-lemon-drop signature cocktail, when i show up to a wedding I better see a bad-a** bridal bouquet. And that sh** better be BIG.

Ladies-of-old knew how to roll with a big bodacious bouquet. Boom! There they are; giant sprays of gladiolus, ivy dripping to the floor…spray roses by the hundreds. Sometimes they were fancy, wired bouquets made by florists. Other times they were made at home from whatever seemed to be around. Point is they look dramatic, romantic and above all appropriate for a wedding; a momentous event no matter whether you have 4 guests or 400.

Today I hear lots of ladies try to play it modest.
“Oh…I’ll just take a little old bouquet, something petite.”
As a florist this is like hearing a death knell. My head starts to hurt, my hands get clammy.

Ladies plan your weddings big and small. Some of you have budgets of $1000, some may have 1,000,000. But regardless, please get yourself a proper wedding bouquet. It’s likely to be the one time in your life you get to carry extraordinary flowers. And of course I’m going to tell you that flowers are important.

*I made this big-un this morning with dinnerplate dahlias, sedum, snowberry, chocolate cosmos, tuberose, astrantia, dusty miller, roses and hydrangea.

Vintage Wedding Bouquet
Saipua Wedding Bouquet
Red And Pink Bouquet
French Wedding Bouquet

Vintage Photographs: 1, 2, 3 // Flower Images: Saipua