Guide: Adding a Touch of Drama to Your Wedding Day Look

wedding day photography

No one wants a dramatic wedding day because of events that took place, but a little drama to enhance the day’s ethos and memory couldn’t hurt. There are so many nooks and crannies you can slip some of this jaw-dropping, stomach fluttering detail to without going overboard or turning your vision into something inauthentic. If you want a dramatic dress, try one of these. But if you want your drama elsewhere, read on!

A dash of sparkle here, a great angle there! When planning, think about how you can wow your guests for years to come. Make your day truly extra special and magical for the two most important; the newlyweds! Cover all your bases, make choices that float outside the box, and stay there. Here’s our guide to adding a touch of drama to your wedding day look (and extending it outward to the rest of the party). From photography to beauty, let’s see how to add oomph to all the corners.


dramatic wedding photo


Capturing the most important moments of the night is essential. You may be working on a list of must-have shots to give to your photographer and you may have a vision in mind in terms of the tone or style of the portraits you’d like to have by the end of the evening. Whatever the case though, it’s necessary to prepare for it – and that includes any dramatic effects you may want to be included.

Drama can be added to these looks by utilizing the spaces around you – scout your location for the perfect spots – and with a photo editor that knows what they’re doing. Take light into consideration, nature, backdrops, and daring angles too. Contrast colors and shadows for difference and texture. Or illuminate colors and enhance the “pop.” Be sure to talk about anything you have in mind with your photographer though, so they’re aware of your expectations and work to get it right.

Pro Trip: Photos are taken all night, think about customizing unsuspecting places such as the ceiling or dance floor. Projections and fabric work wonders and can totally transform any space!

Bridal Beauty

dramatic bridal beauty


On your wedding day, it’s important that you look like you – but in a way that makes you feel as though you’ve never looked any better. And, for some of us, that may mean adding a bit of drama to our beauty regimen.

There are some easy ways to amp up the volume though – in the eyes and/or in the smile. Think about going for a smoky and sultry eye. This easily adds drama to photographs and you’ll love how the focus becomes the eyes in close-up portraits. With that being said, you can pair that smoke with a bold lip – or go with a more natural eye and a powerful lip depending on what you’d like to accentuate most.

Slip in the Shoes

colorful wedding shoes


Of course, a pop of unsuspecting drama can make a fun and unique difference to the party. Bridal looks aren’t complete without a pair of shoes. Some brides go with sneakers for a carefree, laid-back feel. Others go with slip-ons or flats to keep them comfortable. And others, go for a bit of drama with a chic pair of pumps – in a bold color, of course.

This is truly an easy way to add that drama you may be looking for without going over the top in every and any area of the event. It’s tasteful and works well (in photographs specifically!).

Add Color (Everywhere)

colorful dramatic wedding decor


For a long time color was not the must-have addition to a wedding day. But, there are ways to do it with sophistication, poise, and drama too. Use color and add it everywhere you can. It brightens the event. It shows off your unique, couple style. It pays homage to the season and theme you’ve envisioned. And, it can help make the entire celebration a true wow moment.

When thinking about color, here are some areas to sprinkle it into:

  • The Bridal Party: Think colorful gowns with different textures or printed ties or rich, warm-toned tuxes for the men.
  • The Flowers: Your bouquet or the reception arrangements can be dripping in powerful shades of pink, red, or even some orange without taking away from the romance (just look at the photo above!).
  • The Linens: Don’t be afraid to rent out colorful linens, it’s an easy and unsuspecting way to add pops of color in a lot of nooks and crannies of the event.
  • The Venue: When you’re venue hunting, think about what you want your guests to feel. If you’re looking for some dramatic options, pay attention to the windows and ceilings of the structures. And if you’re looking for outdoor areas, think “backdrop.” What’s going to be happening in the background of the ceremony – is it a mountain range, desert cliff, or maybe even the sea?

The Gown

dramatic wedding guide with train


And finally, we talk about the gown. How can you add a touch of drama to your wedding day look? Well, you can always start that journey with what you’re wearing. There are several key areas of the dress that you can pay attention to if you’re looking to spice it up a bit including:

  • The Train: Long trains add drama. The walk down the aisle is a bit more memorable and the photos can be stunning.
  • Colors: Pops of color or dipping the entire gown in a new shade can wow and add drama upon first look as well. Prints can work too – we’ve seen several floral wedding gowns that are drop-dead gorgeous!
  • Plunging Cuts: Whether it’s a neckline that dips or a back that’s completely bare, there are plunging, daring cuts on a gown that can get you that same, dramatic response you may want.
  • Ball Gowns: There’s nothing quite as dramatic as a full, princess ball gown. The volume is magical and you will feel like royalty.
  • The Veil: The topping can help you out too. Just like the train, the longer, the more drama.