The Look for Less: High Impact Linens

It is important to each bride that we work with that her wedding is different from the weddings of friends and family members. But it is also easy to get lost in all of the details and ideas presented in magazines and blogs. Fear not! It is still possible to make a big impact with something simple.

Color is one of the greatest ways to create something that is eye-catching and memorable. It may at first seem scary to make color such a big part of a day that has traditionally been white-washed – but it’s a great way to bring personality to your wedding. The easiest way to introduce is through table linens. As you can see below, colored linens create a really impactful table-scape with minimal additional decoration.

The Look for Less: High Impact LinensPhoto courtesy of BBJ Linens.
The Look for Less: High Impact LinensPhoto Courtesy of

Renting linens is certainly an added expense, but the impact will be high-yield and leave your guests with an image to remember. And linens rentals can definitely be more affordable than other impact pieces like florals.

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