Sharp Dressed Man

It seems that brides are always making the decision in what she has to wear, what the bridesmaids are going to wear and often helping the mothers choose their outfits for the night. Well, when it comes to the men it has always been an easy decision – wear a tux and the hard part was determining vest vs cumberbund.

Now days more and more wedding parties are opting for a suit look vs a more formal tuxedo look. This is not to say that a suit is not formal – just the opposite, though it is not as formal as a tuxedo, a suit is still formal wear and can be very an appropriate look for a wedding.

Why should the girls have all the fun when it comes to the wedding day look? Check out these suit looks – these guys look great, and much more stylish then the guys in the penguin suits. I love nothing more then the spring and summer weddings that can pull off the seersucker suits.

Check out this great look – not only is it more comfortable for the guys to wear a suit in the summer rather then a tux – but they look great!

Sharp Dressed Man Photo by Paul Rich Studio

Not to mention, when the guys go and buy a suit for a wedding it is something that can actually be worn again – more so then most bridesmaids dresses. With the cost to rent a tuxedo, why not just invest in a suit. This is something that we have decided for my own May wedding.

So keep in mind, there are more options then just a tux. Check out these sharp dressed men!
Sharp Dressed ManSource
Sharp Dressed ManSource
Sharp Dressed ManSource

My groom to be feels more comfortable in a suit so we have decided to do a nice black suit with grey pin stripes. The guys look great and I love the look – it added a little more work for myself to coordinate suits with the bridesmaids dresses, but I am excited about the outcome.

Happy Shopping!

The Look for Less  is written by Tricia Huddas, the lead consultant and founder of Tricia Huddas & Co, in Savannah, Georgia.