Serious Steals | PreOwned Wedding Dresses You Can Save Thousands On

Talk about savings! Most brides know that buying PreOwned is a savvy way to save on their dream dress.  But just how much PreOwned saving are available might surprise you.  These six stunning gowns offer savings between $9,000 and $21,000. Each.  Imagine being the lucky bride who scoops a $25,000 Baracci wedding gown for $4,000.  If you buy PreOwned, it could be you.

Baracci wedding dress for sale on

Baracci, Custom, Size 4 | Retail: $25,000,  Asking: $4,000,  Save: $21,000



Ines Di Santo, Custom, Size 2 | Retail: $18,500,  Asking $6,000, Save: $12,500


Elie Saab Monceanu for sale on

Elie Saab Monceanu, Size 4 | Retail: $17,950,  Asking $5,990,  Save: 11,960


Vera Wang Victoria for sale on

Vera Wang Victoria, Size 4 |  Retail: $21,650,  Asking: $10,000, Save: $11,650


J'Aton Couture for sale on

J’Aton Couture, Size 2 |  Retail: $26,000,  Asking: $15,000, Save $11,000


Amelia Casablanca 1105

Amelia Casablanca 1105, Size 4 | Retail: $19,500, Asking $10;500, Save: $9,000

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