The Look for Less: Chair Ties as Table Runners

Dress up your tables in sumptuous colors and fabrics for a fraction of the price of custom-made table runners.

Why spend upwards of $30 or more on overlays or table runners for your wedding, when you can spend $7 per table (criss-cross two) by renting colorful lamour chair ties?

No one will be the wiser and you’ll get a fabulous color coordinated look for dollars instead of hundreds of dollars.

Choose a reputable rental company like BBj Linen and for approximately $3.50 per chair tie make a colorful impact with your tables. Shop carefully and compare rental selections carefully, because there can be a difference in fabric quality, width and length. BBj Linen Company’s ties are 9 feet long x 12” wide.

All photographs courtesy of InSightFoto

Not only will you shave dollars off of your décor costs, but you’ll save on stress at the same time. BBj Linen has showrooms all across the country, their shipping price is included in the rental cost and you even send them your dirty laundry when the event is over. How great is that?!?

The Look For Less is a regular feature on our blog.  We’ve reached out to leading wedding planners to get their expert advice on how to get a great look at your wedding, without breaking the bank.

We were delighted when Cynthea Kinnaman, of ART & SOUL Weddings and Events in New Mexico offered today’s post. ART & SOUL’s mission is to create events with artistic vision, style and elegance.  And their “guest-centric” approach means that they take care of your guests like you would care for them in your own home.

Look for Cynthea’s upcoming feature in Brides’ June magazine where that features a backyard wedding she created for under $10,000!