Stylish Second Wedding Gifts for Your Groom

guy gift second wedding


Whether you are getting remarried or tying the knot with someone new, a special wedding gift shows your care and willingness to go the extra mile for your partner. A second wedding ceremony may not always have the kind of budget that is attached to a first wedding but this just allows you to indulge your partner in other meaningful ways.

Surprise your groom-to-be with a romantic gesture on your second wedding and give them something to treasure. Below are just a few great gift ideas for the special man in your life.

Framed Memento

This could be a framed photograph or an item of great sentimental value to you both. Instead of buying a photo frame for the purpose of your wedding photos, surprise him with an unconventional picture. This could be a snapshot from your first ever date together or a fond and fun memory you both share.

Equally, if you wish to frame a cherished memento, a framed love letter or ticket stub can make for a quirky but romantic gift.

Locket Cuff Links

Locket cuff links provide him with a very personal present since you can conceal a picture of each other or your children in the left and right locket. These make for a very stylish and practical gift idea since they will also be work appropriate. You could add to the personal element even further by choosing an engraved message for the cuff links – making these a great keepsake of the big day itself and a daily treasure.

Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with some of his favourite items will always go down a treat and you needn’t ever be stuck for ideas on how to fill it. He may have a hobby you can cater to or a favourite range of toiletries or vintage items like cigars or a monogrammed bathrobe.

Alternatively, you could present him with a luxury picnic basket filled with his favourite wines and goodies. After presenting him with the gift, you could make a day of it on your honeymoon or a subsequent date night.


Like a classic pearl necklace, a stunning watch will always make a great wedding gift. Men can view watches as an extension of themselves so the right style of watch will mean a great deal to him.

A watch that you have personally hand-picked for him shows you understand his style better than anyone. Find the perfect one for your groom-to-be that suits both his tastes and your budget. Brand watch stockists such as Watches 2U are ideal if you want to make a special second wedding purchase within your means.